Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my grandPa n grandMa

urmm...second day of raya
i went to my grandParents house at Pasir Mas
love to be there....
wanna see their pic??

my grandPa(baba) n me

my grandMa(mama)

great sword....

the most beautiful place in their house...

this post actually made specially for both of them...

Raya!! raya!! raya!!

urm....this is the third day of the Eid day...
so,im still having my journey to my fwens house..
kinda cool beb...

today i went to Sapik`s house there around 11 am..his family still busy with the chores funny!! sapik kinda busy with his job
luckily those kids entertain me a little+movie...
the great one...BOHSIA...
after that,i heard someone is murmuring....sapik`s family+relatives
asking n talking about me...urmm am i too attractive at that time??
well i think so! if not the will not notice about my presence there
haha..poyo shiot!!! sapik has a very great n big family
his mom kinda cool n rock...she ask me to help her cook
my pleasure..+ im a im just helping a bit since im not the real cook
and im their guest...huhu..
so..around 12.45++pm i had been served by
nasi briyani+daging kurma+ and others...
it was very deliciousases...his mom was a very good cook
after zohor prayer, i made a move to my other fwens house

p/s: sorry no pic..4got to snap maa....

so....along the journey theres an accident between the car and the cyclist again!!!
poor that thing happen a few second before im arriving at there..
thanks God im not there moments the xcident happened.....amin..
but i do stopped for a while wanna know whats going on...
so the cyclist pissed off to the driver who own Honda Civic car n his father in the car..
fyi..i do hate to those cyclist because they are so rude towards the old man
in the car...jsyk they hit the car with their helmet where at that moment
the old man was very scared n shocked moment still....dont you think its kinda rude???
if you dont..i dont have any comment ..but seriously i cant see the way they deal
this stuff..a few moments, theres a lot of cyclist stop by..and as for my safety
i continued my journey to aimans house..which is still far away...
scoffs....its ok....a few minutes later...

safely arriving at aimans house...haha
Thanks God nutings bad happened to me...alhamdulillah...
so i had been served with handmade-Pizza + laksa + almond London + orang juice
fyi the pizza was very deli but not as deli as the real one...i ate 2 slices of pizza
and a bowl a laksa + with 2 glass of orange juice

aiman n me...
after that i ask aiman to accompany me to the EON`s bank
coz i wanna make a new debit card.... scoffs..
long time taken by them to make mine ONLY!!!
its ok as long as i got what i want..haha

so here is the pic of the card...

Debit Card....

book as well

so on my way back was raining heavily..
theres no even one cyclist with me
they were stopped at the garage and bus stop
i will not stop im the only one cyclist on the road..haha
so...after a few borink moments that i had on my mcycle
i decided to snap this busy pic n also me on the mcycle
here are the pics...

alotS carS.....

and this is me...haha

ok..thats all from me...bye2

Monday, September 21, 2009

what a worst night ever!!!

hurmm...and the story begin....
2nd day of raya

today i woke up at 9.30 am with subuh done b4 that lol,
then my dad said we r going to Nenek`s house
at Pasir Mas..but b4 that we need to go to his cousin(kot)`s house
cz..theres a ceremony there..after that heading to pasir mas...
kinda exhausted but riding my motorcycle today...

so about 3.45 pm, i went to my fwens house(ateh)
at PCB...her house was very nice and also
her siblings+ sedara mara dier+ her rock aunt.. funny..


on da way home, syafik suddenly got an accident
(his car) with felt very afraid and scared and nervouse..
i dont deal with all that at first cz im felt very petrified... just syafik n his fren(4got his name) deal with the cyclist
that got crash on of them got serious injury
so we decided to bring him to the hospital
luckily theres someone there
and he(the dr) do something to that cyclist...
he got very serious treatment and i cant even see that
coz its truely frightened me....
so i decided not to see it...

after several hours, we had made a deal that
we gonna solve our prob each other
means( our own vehicles ), both got something to do with tehir vehicles..
but syfik did gave some sovereign to the serious-injured-cyclist rm50
enough la kan??? after that we went back home

so,im riding a motocycle on my way home...
deep im my heart im felt very afraid but i have to be strong
coz i dont want to have a night at KBmall
fyi..i parked my motocycle at kbmall cz its raining at time..
so naik kete syafik go to atehs house..
on my way back to home..i dh diuji oleh Allah(The Almighty)
first theres one car from my back coming towards me very fast..luckily
i noticed that car and im safe..
2nd, along lebuh-raya theres one pakcik cross the road without looking at me at all.
what do you tink huh pakcik?? ur road ker nih?
suke2 hati jer nk lintas jalan ...seriously im almost get crash on him...
just another step from him,and he is at the hospital tonight..
please God forbid that!
fuh!!! just let that oldman cross the road...
fyi this time is around 8.++ pm....
3rd, one car honk at me..pon!!!pon!!!pon!!!
i didnt know what the f-king shit that car want ..
so i slow down my mcycle and move slowly...
nothing happen...alhamdulillah.......
then i found theres an accident near to masjid lemal...
actually agak jauh jugak...
ok x per...then i move on with my mcycle...
suddenly theres one car "pintas" my mcycle and stop suddenly to the side
almost get crash on that biatch..luckily i managed to control my mcycle
next is...near to Tanah Merah,..theres one pakcik
he wanted to cross the road but waktu tu dier mcm nk pusing blakang kan
mcycle dier x nmpak pun aku..
at that time luckily theres no car at all on the other side
so aku pun lalu la kt jln yg satu lg tu smabil jerit..
woi!!!!!!!!!!!! terkejut pakcik tu..pastu semua aorunk kt ctu tngk aku
lantak r..pakcik tu yg x nmpak aku ....
so...dh almost smpai umah..aku cepat2 amik shortcut
pastu safely arriving at home.......

thats all...actually im felt very grateful because i didnt get any serious kinda
like syafik got..but theres always something behind this..
so we human being should accept all the ujian from Him with
full of gratefulness....

Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday im felt very frustrated with this institution
coz, before this they said that we r not allowed to go back on Friday
suddenly, we can go back on Thursday
thats good right?? but most of us had booked the ticket on friday
fyi..this institution always having a surprise for their studs...
so f-king good lol!!! haha

so... my time become much shorter coz i need to pass up
all the assignments before we go back on that thursday
theres alots n loads works that we need to do
++ some of my group didnt give fully cooperation on their work
that makes me felt so f-king pissed of to that biatch!
serve you right....all the works that need cooperation from each member
become worst when one of us making up trouble...
bukan nak ngata..dh la x da lappy,pastu print assignment gune aku punyer
what do you think i am huh? bayar pun tidak!!!
what on earth im living in now?
wateva!..things gonna change after this holiday...

i just finished my assignments on 4.00 pm...
fyi i didnt have my sleep at all 2 nights before thursday..
means on tues n sleep at all....
f-king tired eyes become darker...
OMG!!! what am i suppose to do???
after i have finished all the assignments..i called Aiman
i just wanna talk to him via Video call
then guess what??? at that moments aiman is karaokeing!!!
OMG is that for real??? aiman went to karaoke??
if you guys really know who is aiman, u`ll never thought that 'he will do so
but people changes right??? so,,,at that night i think that i need to do '
the same i ask syafik n zul to go out with me for karaoke...
luckily they agree....yeay!!!!!!!so we went for karaoke...
here are some of our pictures...

syafik n me...

syafik n his roomate(zul)

me n syafik singing like h**l

syafik over!!! haha

we sing all types of song....
seriously wanna release my tension ....
and it does happen when i had done singing....
so go back to college at 12.00 pm...

haha..guys fyi zul has good voice...seriuosly..
love to singing with him again...

thats all from me

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Iftar and Majlis Khatam al-Quran

today we are having that ceremony
actually,during the ceremony, i felt very exhausted
like hell i dont because
the ceremony started at 4.15 and i just got back from class
at am i suppose not to feel tired...
but then its ok....kinda cool what? haha..whatever..

here are the pictures....


waiting for the Pengarah

me n abu..

p/s:ignore abu`s eye

after the ceremony, we are having a breaking fasting
haha..theres a very funny story that i want to share at this moments
i took a glass of tea and in front of me was the kuih muih and dates..
suddenly my hand hold the glass and i drink it...
OMG!!! im felt very perplexed at that moments..
because after a few second, the azan was heard...
and i felt relieved..because maybe that the right time of breaking fasting..haha
some of them noticed about my action...
most not...Thanx God...
then we ate the dates and kuih-muih with TEA...haha

delis right?

the sweet dates....

ok..thats all for this post..have a nice day
and May God bless you always...

Monday, September 14, 2009


to the dudes and babes,
last weekend we went to KL for shopping
this time,we r not having window shopping but
the real one ...huhu
this is because i just got my allowance which cost
where else should i spent the money if it not to the mall? turning to evil when i have a lot of money
+ staying at KL with lots of boutique and mall that i like
kinda like,padini,seed,topman,adidas and +++

first i took KTM UKM to Bank Negara
heading there for saving my money....of coourse not
i went there for Sogo..since this is my first time being there
kinda perplex..huhu
luckily got my senior being my free-tourist guide
so we went to the mens wears..
as i said theres a lot n loads boutiques that i love
xcept topman...


lots people at there..take a break with fresh air only...

in front of Sogo

mr.Hud..exhausted shop with me lol...

yeah me f-ing tired

after that,we went to KLCC
actually the main place that we wanna go is
TOPMAN boutique...but poor topman
they didnt have a lot their boutique
or it just me who didnt know about it...
i went there with my bro-so-called and buy
some very fine clothes for us...
truely fine one....huhu
dont have the pic lol
but i got some KLCC pic at night
it was very beautifool and it does look so f-ing gorgeous...
i love the view at night most...

mr.Hud my senior....

its me lols......



after that we went for solat asar n breaking fasting at
KFC restaurant....the food ? nice la...

me n syafik


then after solat maghrib, guess what
who did we found there at Masjid As-Syakirin??
Ustaz Akill + Waheeda
they are having their breaking fasting meals while
lots people were busy snaping their pic
including me lol...haha
wth i long as i got what i want..

look at them...

then what?? im nt sure..

before get very nice sleep...

the picture that i love most!!!

at the train.....i found this one very special person
for me...and ive never thought that i could met with him
at there...we were like so close via internet
and never met before..he is
Adib aka Jo..

seriously,,,at first i didnt recognize him,but
when i saw his camera then i know
that is him...i felt very nervous
though i could dump into a wrong person
luckily he recognise me as well...i think la..
klu x malu jer..
but then,at dat moments my heart keep saying
that is i went see him and guess what?
that is himm!!! i felt very excited but don wanna show dat..huhu
theres two thing that i regret when meeting him
1st.i didnt ask for his hp no..who knows maybe i could see him again
and snap pic with him..
but guys,...dont think that i am..tuttt...s
seriously im not...

here are some of his pic... please do 4give me...

k lah thats all from me...tq

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Today i felt very happy...because everything that happen
is all by coincidence..huu

well this morning,i had planned with Aiman to go
MidValley..but i didnt made it because I sleep late last night
and feelings so fucking sleepy this morning...i woke up
very late today..1 pm...(too much!!!)

when i called aiman,he is still at MidValle...poor aiman
but then,as well had been informed..
AIMAN TAK KISAH! we decided to cancel our date today..
its not that i couldnt make it in the afternoon
but i had a planned with my new classmate
they wanted to go Low Yat but they
didnt know how to be
ill be their PAID tourist guide...huhu
a little bit tired...but then..chill jer..
on our way to be there..guess what who did i met with??
haha....i met with AIMAN!!!!!!
never thought could met with him at there....
Thank God! it has been so long didnt see him...huhu
here we snap our pic...

aiman n ming

p/s: ignore aiman`s mouth style..hehe

After that,we decided to breaking fasting at GMI with
Syera Ice..but then she cancelled the planned....
so we decided to have our breaking fasting at KL SEntral...
we went to Kenny Rogers Roaster...
it was very great to be there coz the food and the drinks is very delicious
and also the price was very affordable....hehe
here is some of the pic at Kenny...


3 cupcakes....banana,choc n vanilla

makan-makan time....hehe

ming n ateh..

ming and Abu...

so kenyang maa...huhu..

when a monsteress eating....????hehe

full time..
Spicy BBQ = RM 17.90
Fizzy Spring = RM 5.50
+ - tax and ........
= RM 26.90/person
haha..its ok..
evethougt its kinda xpensive...once in a month ok what??
seriously..the food was very nice...

after that,solat and guess what who else did i found??
PULLAH ....hehe.
he changed a lot ....physically and emotinally and his appearance...
well its ok....wanna see him??

pullah n me...

so..thats all from me..bye2...have a nice day..

Friday, September 4, 2009



This year we r celebrating our 52th independent day..
so great to be Malaysian....
fyi....this year i`ve celebrate this day at
Dewan was many people
coming to the celebration....
theres a lot of great and fantastic cars as well
Embassies...were coming at this celebration as well..
who else?? urmm....theres alot more....

I have been one of the choir members for this celebration....
this is my new experience ..hoho..
during the celebration..theres a lot of Americans were coming at here
and i got this one very cute n friendly boy..
his name is crook..9 years old boy..
he was very cutee....huhu
wanna see the pic??

ming and crook
his dad(at the back) many menteri2 came to the
this years celebration is not that big..
i is not as cool as before....
thats because this is fasting month.....

after almost one hour being at there...
all of us are heading to the bus stop...
while walking ..i found this two gials..
they were from Poland....both are very cute n s**y..hehe

those are two gals that i meant...

guess wht i jumpa sape kt saner
this cute gal..

shea n me...

she is much taller than me lol....haha
but she got 1 chance

thats all from me today..bye2..


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