Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bowringness at home =((

hye guys...urmm now im wondering, why there are so many college student wanted to go back home...instead enjoying their life at college...because i felt so bored living at here, doing nothing at all...maybe because my house is at Kelantan, well theres nothing here, i mean yeah..there is no entertainment places that i used to such as cinema(like most)....oh crap! why there is no such thing here...every morning, breakfast, FB, then nothing....i can`t live like it wasting my time....never mind, it does save my money actually....hehe...but seriously there are a lot of different between Kl/selangor and Kelantan.....urmm i guess i don`t have to mention it since everybody aware of that right? that is why i LOve Kl :) ...

so, currently my house is under construction, so my house is kinda mess and of course my room also....after almost 4 months i left my room to my lil bro, it does look like ******* felt very angry, but never show it to him..i love him :) tonight i decided to tidy up my room by myself....guess what? i got three dark plastic bag full with unwanted things and all the crappy-thingy...gosh! so tired maaaa.....while he is having his sleeping i said, i wont get angry to him...:)) my room become OK mom love having me around...thats the only moment where she can see her son`s room look OK and perfect!hehe..

since i felt so bored..i took a lot of pictures with my cutie cousin..he is very obsessed with the light! trust me....dont believe me? click ME

so thats all from me......:)

Monday, May 31, 2010

I`M HomE =))

Alhamdulillah, after almost 4 months I do not come back home, finally, here I am....hehe...feels very happy to see my mom n dad`s face, feel so safe beside them n siblings...urmm several changes has been made, actually not several but a lot, especially to my house dad, he add part of our house make it bigger and even better for me n for my family members. As for that, i got a single room for myself, even though im not gonna use that room for always, i mean not living with them 24/7 right, since im still studying far away from them and i waste my time most of it at hostel.....urmm but its ok, i dont care as long as my mom n dad happy....yerp for sure they will, i have planned on how to decorate my new room, even my room is not ready to be used yet,..i just need to wait a lil bit and then i can start with all those.

exam is over for this second semester...alhamdulillah, i really hope that i will pass all the papers with flying colours, ive done enough and my very best to my papaers...Insya-Allah everythings gonna be fine even though im not going to feel satisfy with it, its like i can feel it, i think we all do... yer la,,,im taking pure maths but then i lack of exercises and do last minute prep, which is so not cool for a college student like me...I think, this semester taught me alot about life, freinds, relationship and everything...i`m so glad i learned that now since im still young and im gonna have a very long journey which is much more challenging. I think, this things is a very small part of a real world, i dont know, what to say about life, sometimes i found it is so hard to live in sometimes it is very easy to live in, you break the rules, you got punished! , you live the way it is suppose to, you happy....but not all the things in this world is good and bad ,,,so we human have our own choices, we need to choose, we have the right to choose....your decision today gonna change your future....i think i wanna make a list things that uve learned from this 2nd semester:-

1. if u make a friend with others, dont be so good, dont do bad....

2. be good to everyone and then everyone will be good to u

3. if u wanna be part of others world, you need to decide whether thats all worth it or not

4. be who you are, dont follow others

5. stop judging others

6. dont talk bad about others

7. appreciate everyone around you not trust people easily

those things taught me a lot to be a better person future...and the best of all every single things that you are doing, there`s always be a consequences, so think first before you act, or you will regret it!

now im home, the main point im home for this time is because, i wanna make my Inguinal Hernia operation which is on 2 June 2010, i feel so nervous even though this is my second time doing operation after appendix operation which is 4years ago. what ever it is, i hope everything`s gonna be fine and hope to get well soon...:))

i think thats all from me.....and fyi kt Tanah Merah ni panas giler kot, i can feel my hand is burning....its ok i think im gooona get used to later...

thats all from me....:))

Sunday, May 23, 2010

WeekenD Is SoO G0Od =)

hye guys, how are you doing? fyi i have done 3/4 my papers, so i just have another one to shoot! im gonna give the best shot for this one because its pretty hard..its like an additional mathematics but its pretty deeper than before.

did you read my post before? " btw irfan will come back soon...." that one alhamdulillah, he made so glad that he is here now...he is safely arriving at here on 20 Mac 2010, around 8.00++ am...actually i wanna meet him at KLIA, butat that time, im having my third paper = last paper for that week = i like,(3 down 1 to go)=)...once i finish my paper, i immediately call his mom cell phone and she said irfan is here now and he is otw to go to his aunt`s house at Bandar Baru Bangi which make my work become more easier since i am currently at that area. So i ask irfan to send me the address of his aunt and the best thing is,I do cook him something since he is fucking desperate for Malaysian food, i made him " salad potato " easy to be nice i am right? *x ley blah*...around 12++ pm his mom call me and told me not to rush because irfan is taking bath now and they will be there till evening/night. I felt relieved because the moment his mom call me, i need to go to the hospital since my beloved lecturer has been warded. Around 2.00++pm, I start my journey searching for his aunt`s house, and i made it! yeayy!!! finally, i met with him and feels so weird because almost a year we have not been meeting since he is far away from Malaysia..(ohhh im sorry, fyi Irfan is now at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, US). So glad to be there are I melantak his aunt`s cook very well too..just like im the one who is fucking desperate for malaysian food, enough about that, we talk, laugh and fight..haha..*like a child* ngan mak2 dier skali tumpang sekaki..hehe...seronok la aunty..after that, bye2...hehe...hope to see you again Irfan n ur fam too...Thanx to your mom n aunt for the "rojak"..hehe...sangat best..

irfan gave me this, V = vanderbilt not vandetta

irfan n ming2..

and btw, since i put this pic at FB, irfan got so may comments about his appearence wanna know? : -


enough about that, hopefully he can get used to Malaysia weather, since he is PURELY Malaysian...hehe

next thing is about my motorcycle, Ya Allah, this one thing, i dont know what to say because i feel so frustrated! actually i already book my motorcycle 4 weeks ago, and it has arrive on the second week, on the third week, i wanna take my bike, guess what? the fucking chinese sell it to another person..geram betull!!!! but i cant be mad at him because i will not get back my bike, so i need to wait for another two week, including this week, its the fourth one, which means it suppose to arrive within this week. InsyaAllah, everythings gonna be fine ;)

next, on saturday, i went to Kl Sentral because i wanna book my holiday ticket which will be on 30 May 2010,i took a train because this time, im bringing back my hamster too, so cute right? hamster on the train? hotak ko cute! sengal ade la...if kene tangkap nt, pandai2 la jwb yer... but i am willing to take the risk..haha..then my sis hit my inbox " kak long ade kt KLCC nie, make kt food court Avenue K " then hit her inbox back " ok2..i`ll be there , gimme me 15 mint " lucky to meet with my sis, she gave me a money for me to eat, we just had a very short meet, she said she got a work to do at her i went to KLCC back and went to....Topman,I-Setan,ZARA, G2000, and many more...but i just bought 2 things from i-setan
1st : -

my clothe for my cousin wedding

as for this pic, i got a comment too..wanna know? : -

2nd : -

coffee for my mom and dad from Saudi Arabia

nothings much, but its ok la kan..better least than none....

and as for todays xvtv, i went to alamanda alone(prefer most) because do some shopping for my new room, everything is hampeh because i didn`t found thing that i want most....Aussino and Parkson...same jer..x der! dont wanna mention things that i want here, nt ade orunk kata to persuade my feeling, i had my dinner(4.50pm) at


after that, going back to my hostel...daaaaa....

thats all things that make me crazy haha..its not crazy actly...its saje2....sengal for my happy evening, i snap 1,2,3 pics..actly more than that..see yourself at my FB ok.... click photoS
so, thats all from me....bye2....ohh btw im gonna update my blog later plak,after my operation kot..have a nice day :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The eNd of SeMesTer...

halloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyaaaaa.......hey guys..wasssupp..long time no see...btw examination is just around the so worried with my examination this time...idk y..but seems like my CGPA will be down..i just can feel it....but i need to put a a huge effort for the examination since we just got once/ rite? but i dont like it..cuz it makes my brain work even plus and minus calculation i need to use calculator instead of using my brain...its getting worst, and i need to change it....

second thing is...i already booked my new motorcycle....which is Honda Wave 125 X this is the latest product from looks very classy and the engine sound is soooooo smooth..i kind of like it...still waiting ...and the price is very reasonable... i really like it..i prefer thw white one..but still need to make two i choose white and red..better than orange.. looks soooo.dull...

next thing is....friendship...idk.this word is always been discussed in my mind....some of my friend is totally asshole but better than fucking hypocrite which is i hate pleaseee if you think your are hypocrite person...just fuck off from me....i mean it! i do hate this kind of people...two of my classmatesocalled has been removed from my FB for good....i will never n ever add them anymore....when i said it is for good..i mean of them do request for a friend from me again, oppsss sorry, dont underestimate me, when i said im done...i am..i dont feel like i lost a very precious friendship, but i think it is for both side benefits...she hates me, and i hate whats the point of being a friend anymore...i can stand with annoying,asshole -behavior but not too much....feels so relieved to express my feelings here...done about this...

next thing holiday is on 28 of may - 27 of june....wowww...sangat x best...its too long...but im just gonna spent my holiday in my new room, doing nuting at all cuz i on 6/6/2010 i`ll be doing my hernia`s operation which has bugging me for a very long period..since i was in form 5..until bye2 hernia, hello stomach....if u really wanna know what is hernia, do google ok...feels so scare and nervous too...hope everything gonna be fine...:)

last but not least....i`m going to bring back my cebu n debu to Kelantan, by train...hope i will not be fine for bringing this into the train confidentially....cewahh..mcm bwak drugs plak..huhu..

so thas all from me...bye2....:)

im getting thinner....alhamdulillah....btw irfan will come back soon....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Member

Today, i went to intention just one....i want to watch ClashOfTitans..and i did... the movie was great and i met with amirul shazwan,ajim,and the other two mjsc tpg members from my batch....we were in the same cinema...

urmm after that, feel bored, and theres one compulsory place that i will go whenever i step into Mid Valley, Pets here, lots of animals that are so cute and expensive too, and today, i just can`t stand anymore by just staring at those adorable creature, cats, kittens, fishes, birds and i bought one hamster..and my other friend bought the other one.. we will take care of this together....

i spend rm 124.00 for all the items...and i think its worth..even though my roommate said that price of the hamster is kind of expensive, but i think money is the second thing, and desire comes i just bought the hamster and its stuffs....

i do googled about how to take care of the hamster..and i got a very valuable information .. which im going to practice it to my new member.... here are the tips...

How To Care For A Hamster

If you are buying a new hamster, then it is best to buy a young one of a couple of months old as they are easier to tame at this age. The cage floor should be covered with a thick layer of bedding such as wood shavings as they are non toxic.

Hamster: Bedding

The bedding should be kept warm at all times because if it gets damp then it can cause the hamster to become ill.

The cage should be kept in a warm place, out of drafts but also out of direct sunlight. The water bottle should be attached to the side of the cage and kept clean and full at all times.

How to hold a hamster

Handling a hamster should be done carefully as they have very sharp teeth in the front. They will really only bite if they feel frightened or threatened, so handle with caution at all times and don't make sudden movements or tease and annoy the hamster.

If there are children looking after it then make sure they are aware of this.

The cage should also contain lots of toys for the hamster to chew. Wood chews can be attached to the side of the cage but you can also give it cardboard tubes as well. When it comes to a bed for the hamster, then a small box placed in the cage will suffice.

Place it in a far corner of the cage and if you cut a small doorway in it, the hamster will fill it itself with bedding and chewed cardboard from the toys.

What to feed your hamster

Feeding a hamster is quite simple. Use a specially designed kind of hamster food mix a couple of times a day, and feed it with some fruit and vegetable everyday.

If the hamster hasn't tried a certain food before, don't give it a lot to begin with so that the digestive system gets a chance to get used to it.

When it comes to cleaning a hamster, you don't have to do it - a hamster will clean itself. If you think there is a bad smell then you are best to change the bedding as it is more likely to be coming from that. Wash the cage once a week or more if you think necessary, using water with some disinfectant in it.

If there is any food that has been lying for a few days then get rid of it or it will go bad and make the hamster ill if it is eaten.

How to exercise your hamster

You should exercise your hamster regularly by taking him out of the cage and placing him in a special exercise ball. Be careful not to place it near stairs as it can be very dangerous if it were to roll down them, the hamster could be fatally injured.

Since hamsters are most active at night, the best time to let them exercise and to clean their cage and so on is in the evening or first thing in the morning, but not in the middle of the day as this is when they prefer to rest.

More hamster advice

If you are just getting the Hamster and he is your first then remember two things: Always prepare the cage BEFORE buying the hamster. Also when you take it home let it get used to its new habitat for four days then you slowly begin to handle your hamster. If it nips at you put it back in the cage and come back an hour or so later and try again. You can do this as much as you feel necessary.

I think it is best to check your cage every hour or so to make sure your hanster hasn't run out of food,water or even just escaped.

I am going to buy my seventh hamster soon, so I have quite a lot of experience, and you don't really need to check it every hour, unless he is ill or you have been advised to by your vet. I have a very good idea for hamster exercise:- you can completely clean out your bath, make sure there is NO water in it and make sure the plug is in and then you can let your hamster run around in there, and you can put toys in, but you must supervise him at all times, even though it is impossible for him to escape..

How many times A day should you feed your hamster? And what type of fruit and stuff dos the hamster need?.

You should feed your hamster some dried food, just about enough to cover the bottom of his bowl, about a handful, every day, preferably in the evening, so that you don't wake him uop when feeding him in the morning. There are lots of fresh food you can feed your hamster. Raw carrot (chopped very small), dandelions, clover leaves, cheese, a small piece of brown bread is a favourite with most hamsters, cucumber (without skin). There's lots of things, do NOT feed them lettuce or chocolate, chocolate is poisonous to hamsters, cats, dogs and most domestic pets, and lettuce is very bad for rodents. They should have a few pieces of fresh food a day as well as the dried, to much will upset their stomach.

i think its very good for me, as i dont even have any experience in taking care this think im gonna have a new stuffs to do...yeayy!!!

here are some of its pics....

in the cage



make love...:)

i think thats all from me...i think im gonna need to reschedule my duty....since i got new members and im gonna take care of it ......

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Congratulations to Tengku Budiman(especially) and all of you(pismkoum) ok...hope u guys gonna have a very good day after this...:)...i guys inspired juniors successfully....

group of the best~~~

happy nyer:)

urmmm...happy nyerrrrrrrrr............

ok2..i hope u guys really gonna have fun at ur new plce....:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

hellooooooooooooooooooooooo....hai back for good...urmm...this weekend i had a very great moment with my bestest friend(aiman n faiz) .... we had a really graet time together..even though we are so busy with our own work...but everyone is enjoying their weekend very well....

first of all..aiman suggest to me, wanted to watch cinema " how to Train your draGon" Sunway (to: my friend from other country) Sunway Pyramid is da best damn place to go for Shopping...the place looks soooooooooooo classy..... watched start from 5.45 until 8.00++ kot..i dont remember that..after that we heading back to our own House....except me..i went to Faiz`s apartment....i just wanna spend more time with my high school friend. Me n Faiz break aiman that night around 9pm...

but my night is very do we decided to go for KaroKEIng....yesssssssss....its really cool..and fantastic..the place kinda cool....We sang, "kau n aku"," lady gaga~bad romance;halo; kau bahagia; and others...x ingt la yg lain tu..

next~~ we go back to Faiz`s place....Casa Subang....after im done took bath n praying..faiz ask me to go to his frens house....i met with Anzari, talk alot about shikin n bukhari + our study + other word"mengumpat la "....after that i watched percy jackson and lightening thief....around 12am..i just slept there...

after that around 11.30am...i took train from subang jaya > kl Sentral > UKM...after that i just walk heading to GMI..cuz today GMI are having GMI open theres a lot of poeple there...i met with my old friends too....Timah,Roqib,Syera(inviter),hazo..and also Amirul....i had a long talk with amirul about his past...and most of his friend are my friends before..when he was at JSC Mersing~~~my friends from primary school..MJSC Langkawi~~ frens from MJSC Gerik.. XD..this world is so small....btw Syera`s wearing is very nice...she does look like a maid.or the one Dutch Lady( ala yg sama mcm gal dutch lady tuh)....haha...and i help her class doing Germanys food which is very good...haha...i went there just for helpin felt very happy doing that..i dont know why..probably i miss the old days with my mom....hwa:(( i love u!

after that i got back at my college-so-called around to Hazo sb hntr smpai masuk blok....then i got a very bad news about my liar-always-behaviour-frens-of-mine-so-known.... he got into an accident again....urmm..poor him....:( its ok..hes just fine~~~~

ok2...thats all from me ....for this post...hope you guys have a nice weekend too....:)

pictures of my weekend for this time.....

faiz si gedik...haha


bosan menuggu lif~~~

aiman....faiz...after mkn KFC..heading to cinema..

karaoke dgn faiz..jer...


at faiz`s apartment...

outside of Sunway Pyramid...

syera..the maid....haha

its me lol....



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