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Ari ni aku nk citer skit pasal tajuk kt atas tu.....

citer dier start mcm ni....

ari selasa aritu Faiz Aiman N Pokdin dtg umah aku...pastu kiteorg buat mcm2 xtvt such as bbq, talking shopping n others....pastu waktu depa nk balik..aku ader ckp kt depa yg hadiah depa ader kt kedai sb ditempah khas dr kedai tu....depa x tau yg barangan tu ialah anak ayam .....haha aku bg kt depa anak ayam yg mmg comel sngt2........haha..depa marah sngt2 kt aku sebab ank aym tu bising sngt waktu kt atas bas...cube korang bayangkan dok selama lebih dr 1 jam dgn anak ayam yg bising tu,,aku x leh imagine la...huhu..aiman marh sngt2 smpai dier ckp " muhaimin,this is all your fault,semua org tgh tngk kt kiteorng skrang..." huhu..x pelah kan sb boley la depa famous skit...huhu..

actly aku saje jer bg anak ayam tu sb aku nk suh depa ingat kt aku sentiasa lps ni sape2 dtg umah aku kan dptla anak ayam percume........

ha,,start dr situ ler aku bercadang nk bukak sykt yg ni ader puyuh sekali la..... oh yer FYI tgan aku smpai berdarah buat reban utk anak aym x pelah kan....aslkan comel n lawa... btw,,lpas ni aku akan bekerja dgn lebih kuat lg supaya aku akan dptkn hasil dr ternakan aku nt cepat2 b4 aku g OVC...doakn aku dpt k...amin..........

k lah tu jer kot utk post kli ni......bye2

Friday, March 20, 2009

%&%&% MERLIN %&%&%


syukur ke hadrat Illahi kerana sempat jugak aku sambung blk blog aku ni selepas kekecewaan yg amat sngt dengan result SPM baru2 ini....

merlin pun dah sampai ke penghujungnya.....aku harap kepada pembaca blog ini teruskanlah kesetiaan anda ..............

aku dh nak berubah dah........aku dh bosan dengan cara hidup aku yg lama........aku bosan....aku raser bnyk dah dosa yg aku lakukan........ya Allah...........ampunilah dosa2 aku terutama dosa2 besaq....aku mengharapkn keampunanMu...........

k lah...........bye2


Le Morte d'Arthur

While hunting, Merlin and Prince Arthur are attacked by a giant scaled creature with the body of a leopard and the head of a snake. Merlin falls over while running from the beast and is nearly bitten, but they escape. Back at the castle Gaius informs them that the monster is most likely a Questing Beast, which, according to mythology, appears before a time of great upheaval. King Uther commands that it must be hunted down and killed at dawn. Gaius reminds Uther that it last appeared on the night of his wife's death. At home he warns Merlin that one bite from the creature is instantly fatal.

That night Morgana has a horrifying nightmare involving Arthur and the creature. She runs out to Arthur as he is leaving, and begs him not to face the Questing Beast, but becomes hysterical and is dragged back inside the castle by guards. Merlin and Arthur trace the Questing Beast to a cave and are suddenly cornered by the creature. Arthur steps in to save Merlin, who was closer, and is bitten. Merlin uses magic to animate Arthur's sword without approaching the monster, and kills the Questing Beast. He drags the unconscious Arthur back to Gaius's house.

Gaius says Arthur will die and no magic can save him. A desperate Merlin visits the Great Dragon and swears he will do anything to save Arthur's life. The Great Dragon states that the Questing Beast was produced from the "old religion", which is "the magic of the earth itself". Merlin must go to a place called the "Isle of the Blessed", where he will find a way to save Arthur - and is warned that whatever the cost, Arthur cannot be allowed to die.

Merlin repeats to Gaius what he has been told about the Isle of the Blessed. Gaius cautions that because the Questing Beast chose Arthur, this means the Old Religion has decided Arthur must die, and if Merlin tries to change that, another life will be demanded in return. Merlin's mind is made up; he is willing to give his own life in exchange for Arthur's. The next morning he leaves for the Isle of the Blessed after asking Gaius to keep Arthur alive in the meantime. Arthur seems to sense that Merlin is in imminent danger, and becomes very agitated in his sleep, like Merlin did in the Poisoned Chalice again suggesting a magical link between them. Guinevere (Gwen) relieves Gaius from his watch at Arthur's bedside. She tells Arthur that she believes he will not die, and will one day be a very great and wise king who will bring peace to Camelot.

At the Isle of the Blessed, Merlin is confronted by Nimueh. He does not believe that the Great Dragon would have sent him to her but she says she would not have tried to kill Merlin had she known his importance and asserts as she did before it is not Arthur's fate to die at her hand. She produces a magical cup blessed by the Old Religion; water from the cup must be brought to Arthur and he will be revived, but there must be a death in exchange. Merlin promises to give his own life for Arthur's, and fills the cup with rain from the sky. He brings the water back to Camelot and Gaius wants to know who will die so that Arthur may live, but Merlin does not answer.

Gaius gives Arthur the water from the cup. As he and Merlin leave, Merlin is intercepted by a trance-like Morgana, who says "this is only the beginning." Later, Arthur awakes and Uther goes to inform the court that their prince will live. As Gwen changes linens in Arthur's room, he says he heard her talking to him when he was unconscious. She becomes very embarrassed and pretends not to remember what she said, though Arthur teases her and tries to get her to say it again. Merlin wakes the next morning to find his mother (Hunith) dying on Gaius's floor - Nimueh has taken her life rather than Merlin's. He visits the Great Dragon and angrily accuses the Dragon of sending him to "murder" his own mother. The Dragon tells him that his destiny is to protect Arthur until Arthur becomes king, at which point magic will be restored to Camelot and the Dragon will be free. Merlin resolves to ensure that the Dragon is never released; outraged, the Dragon tries to attack Merlin. Merlin tells the Dragon "you won't see me again".

Hunith is close to death and Merlin decides he must return to the Isle of the Blessed and restore her life by giving his. He visits Arthur and tries to say goodbye, promising to be Arthur's servant "until the day I die" also telling him that he believes that one day, Arthur will be a great king, Arthur is puzzled but touched by this declaration. At Hunith's bedside he says he will make her well again, in the absence of Gaius, who has gone out on an errand. Come morning, Gaius has not returned and Merlin finds a letter from him downstairs. In the letter Gaius writes that he has gone to the Isle of the Blessed in Merlin's place, as he is old and he does not believe his life held much purpose. He advises that Merlin will one day be the greatest wizard of all time if he follows Gaius's advice to be cautious with magic. Merlin sets out after Gaius at once.

At the Isle of the Blessed, Nimueh expresses disbelief that Gaius would sacrifice himself for Merlin. She calls him a traitor who did nothing to stop Uther expelling sorcery from Camelot. He explains his belief that Merlin is the only one who can return magic to the kingdom and will, with Arthur, make a better world. Merlin arrives just as Gaius has died. Nimueh says the old religion does not care who lives or dies, only that the natural balance of life and death is restored; however, Merlin retorts the choice is not that of the Old religion, but rather that of Nimueh abusing her power. She wants Merlin to join her but he refuses to unite with such evil magic. They engage in a magical battle; Nimueh emerges victorious, having seemingly killed Merlin, and sadly muses that together they could have ruled the world. However, Merlin, who is still alive, rises and says Nimueh should not have harmed his friends. She is struck by lightning conjured by Merlin, and dies. Gaius awakens because her death has compensated for his own.

In Camelot, the Great Dragon rages against Merlin as Morgana wakes panic-stricken from another dream.


To Kill the King

Tom, the father of Gwen, goes to work for a mysterious man who has been paying him to melt down lead. Before Tom's eyes the man produces a magical stone and uses a spell to turn the lead into gold. They are interrupted by Prince Arthur and the royal guards, who arrest Tom but fail to catch the sorcerer before he escapes. Meanwhile, Merlin has been awakened by the sensation that strong magic is at work.

King Uther charges Tom with treason for helping a known enemy of Camelot. The man Tom was working for is Tauren, who leads a notorious gang of wizards with the aim of bringing down Uther Pendragon. The king believes that Tom was supplying these sorcerers with weapons. Morgana fiercely denies these accusations but does not believe Uther when he says Tom will get a fair trial. Uther then orders Arthur to hunt down anyone who has sheltered Tauren or his men.

Gwen tearfully visits her father in jail. He tells her he had no idea magic was involved and only wanted to give her a better life. Gwen swears to have him set free. She repeats everything he said to Merlin and Gaius, including the fact that a magical stone was involved and that Tauren had claimed to be conducting a scientific experiment. From this and the large gold piece that was found on Tom, Gaius rapidly deduces that Tauren was performing alchemy.

While visiting Tom’s forge to look for Gwen, Morgana finds the stone that Tauren used. Gwen turns out to be resting at Gaius’s house, and Morgana states to Merlin her belief that the trial is a formality and Uther plans to execute Tom anyway. That evening she goes down to see him in the dungeon, and gives him the key to his cell. Tom knocks out a guard and escapes but his disappearance is reported. Uther says the trial will now be a formality and gives the order for Tom to be killed on sight. Tom is eventually found by the guards, who execute him on the spot. Gwen screams in grief as his body is brought out.

Morgana furiously confronts Uther, who has her locked up. At Gaius's house Arthur tells Gwen that both she and her job are safe; she will not be thrown out of her home at the castle. He apologises for her father’s death. Gwen returns to Tom's house but is viciously attacked by Tauren, who threatens to kill her unless she can find the stone and return it to him within the next two days.

Morgana is released from the dungeons at the request of Arthur, who promised Uther that she would not challenge his authority again. Gwen is upset to discover that Morgana spent the night in the dungeons on Tom's account. Morgana encourages her to go home and Gwen breaks down in tears as she explains that Tauren wants the stone. Morgana takes the stone and goes to the woods, where Tauren ordered Gwen to meet him, in Gwen’s place. However, Merlin is awakened by the stone’s presence and manages to follow her.

Tauren orders his men to kill Morgana but she hands over the stone and shows them that she has been chained up. She says she now wants Uther dead. Tauren explains that his plan was to use the stone to turn lead into gold, which he then wanted to use to bribe the royal guards to allow him access to Uther. Morgana decides that she would be far better placed to betray the king. Merlin visits the Great Dragon to ask for advice but is told to let Uther die, as it is Uther who persecutes the use of magic and whose reign must end before Merlin can achieve his destiny. Merlin still believes he cannot stand back and let Uther be killed.

Morgana goes to see Uther at dinner, initially pretending to apologise but she then becomes furious as she says he killed her own father. Uther had sent Morgana's father into battle and not sent him the necessary reinforcements as promised. Merlin asks Gaius if he thinks Uther is a good king, and Gaius states that, although at times his methods have been somewhat unsavoury, Uther has brought peace to Camelot and always tried to protect its people. He thinks that Arthur is too young and inexperienced for the responsibilities of a kingdom. Merlin refuses to explain the situation fully but Gaius says he trusts Merlin to make the right decision.

Uther summons Morgana and apologises for handling the situation with Tom insensitively. She suggests they visit her father's grave at first light and attempt to bury the past. Uther agrees and Morgana sneaks out to tell Tauren about this plan, unaware that Merlin has seen her. The next day, as they ride out, Gwen finds Merlin watching them from a window. She cannot understand why her father tried to escape the night before his trial but can only imagine it was because he knew he would be executed either way. Merlin asks whether she would kill Uther if she had the chance and Gwen, horror struck, replies that it would be murder. Merlin decides she is right. He takes his book of sorcery and the Sidhe staff that belonged to Sophia, and sets out after Uther.

At the grave of Morgana's father, Uther sorrowfully reminisces about his old friend. Morgana's father had saved Uther's life many times on the battlefield and was never afraid to question the king's judgement. Merlin confronts Tauren with the staff but is knocked out when Tauren uses the stone to deflect it. He sneaks up on Uther just as Uther apologises to Morgana for having Tom executed, and promises to listen to her more. They wrestle on the ground and Morgana fatally wounds Tauren with Uther's sword. She and Uther embrace and decide to forgive each other.


The Labyrinth of Gedref

Arthur, Merlin and a group of soldiers are hunting in the forests outside Camelot. They hear the sounds of an unknown animal moving about nearby: Arthur sends Merlin in to flush the creature out while he and his men surround it. However, when Merlin enters a glade, he finds a unicorn grazing. Merlin desperately tries to shoo the creature from harm, but before he can, Arthur fatally shoots the creature with a crossbow. Arthur is delighted by the kill, but Merlin is unnerved by it: Arthur tells Merlin not to be so soft. However, Merlin catches sight of an old man in white walking away from the glade.

Upon his return to Camelot, Arthur presents the unicorn's horn as a trophy to Uther. Gaius warns the court of an ancient legend that states misfortune will befall whoever kills a unicorn: however, Uther and Arthur dismiss the warning. The next day, however, Uther call Arthur to him: they ride to a field outside Camelot, to discover that Camelot's entire grain crop has died overnight. Uther gives the order to begin rationing the remaining food. Back in Gaius's quarters, he can find no logical cause for the crop's death: however, he is reluctant to believe it is sorcery.

The situation becomes worse the next day: Merlin and Gwen attempt to draw water from a water pump, only no water appears: only sand. An investigation of the city's wells and reservoir confirm Camelot's water supply has dried up. Gaius is forced to conclude that it is the work of magic, a theory Uther agrees with. Merlin attempts to convert the sand back into water: however, he is unable to. Merlin tells Gaius that whatever is causing this has far greater power than him. Uther orders Arthur to place a curfew on Camelot and authorises the execution of anyone caught looting supplies.

That night, Arthur and Merlin catch sight of someone wandering around Camelot after the curfew has begun. The figure evades their efforts to catch him several times before he reveals himself to them. The figure is an old man clad in white, who introduces himself as 'Anhora, Keeper of the unicorns'. Arthur accuses Anhora of the evil plaguing Camelot, but Anhora responds it is Arthur's doing; by killing the unicorn, Arthur unleashed a curse on Camelot. Anhora explains that only Arthur can undo the curse, and that to do so, he will be tested to prove his worth: however, if he fails any one of the tests, Camelot will be damned for all eternity.

At Gaius's advice, Merlin tries to convince Arthur to take Anhora's warning seriously. Initially unbelieving, Arthur becomes more alert when Merlin admits seeing Anhora after the unicorn was slain. That night, Merlin and Arthur wait in the grain store, convinced this will be the curse's next target. Instead, they find a farmer who was trying to steal grain to feed his starving family. Despite the command to execute looters, Arthur lets him go, and gives him a small bag of grain. The farmer leaves, telling Arthur that his kindness 'will bring its own reward'.

The next day, Camelot's water supply has returned. Merlin suggests that the farmer they caught and released may have been one of the tests Anhora mentioned. The pair go back to the forest in the hope of finding Anhora and the next test. At the site of the unicorn's death, Arthur encounters the farmer he released, who it turns out, is a thief. The thief taunts Arthur, calling him unworthy of the throne and stating that he is a failure to Uther as a son. Infuriated, Arthur attacks the thief and defeats him: as he strikes the deathblow, the thief vanishes and Anhora appears. Anhora explains that because Arthur would kill a man to defend his pride, he has failed the test, and Camelot will suffer even worse.

The next day, it is discovered that all of Camelot's food rations have rotted. Arthur, morose, is ordered by Uther to give the order to stop distributing food to the people so the remaining supplies can be given to the army. Arthur refuses and suggests Uther ask the neighbouring kingdoms for aid: Uther refuses, fearing the kingdom's enemies would use this time of weakness to attack, and asks Arthur if he has no pride in wanting to beg his enemies for aid. Arthur responds that he cannot think of his pride while his people suffer, and tells Uther to give the order himself.

Merlin, realising how desperate Arthur is to help, goes back to the forest, seeking Anhora. He begs Anhora to give Arthur a final chance: Anhora tells him the only chance is for Arthur to go to the Labyrinth of Gedref, where he will face a final test, one only Arthur can find out. Arthur sets out for the Labyrinth, followed in secret by Merlin. In the Laybrinth, Merlin and Arthur become separated. Merlin encounters Anhora and rages indignantly that Anhora is leading Arthur into a trap. Anhora shadowily announces the trap is for Merlin himself and incants a spell that makes roots tie Merlin up.

Arthur eventually reaches the Labyrinth's end: Anhora and Merlin are already there. Merlin's hands are still tied and he is fastened to a chair. A table is set up with two goblets on it: one containing poison, the other harmless. Each can only drink from one goblet, and the contents of both must be drunk. Merlin deduces that they pour both goblets into one so they do not need to guess which one holds poison: once this is done, Arthur distracts Merlin and drinks the goblet, after which he collapses. Anhora tells the distraught Merlin the goblet contained only a sleeping draught, and Arthur will soon recover. He explains that in order to atone for slaying a pure-hearted unicorn, its killer must prove they are also pure of heart. By being willing to sacrifice himself to save Merlin, Arthur has proved this, and shown what is truly in his heart. He has passed the final test, and the curse on Camelot will be lifted.

Upon their return to Camelot, Arthur and Merlin see everything has returned to normal: the crops have regrown, there is plenty of food and water, and the people are no longer suffering. They return to the site of the unicorn's death and bury its horn. However, as they leave, they see the unicorn grazing nearby. Anhora explains to them that 'when he who kills a unicorn proves himself to be pure of heart, the unicorn will live again...'

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The Moment of Truth

Merlin's home village, Ealdor, is besieged by raiders. They have intimidated a farmer called Matthew into giving them the village's entire harvest. The raiders' leader is Kanan, who is furious that Matthew kept back some of the food so the village wouldn't starve. He strikes Merlin's mother, Hunith, when she tries to stop the raiders; and demands the rest of the harvest in a week's time.

Hunith goes to Camelot to ask King Uther for help. The village lies in another kingdom but its ruler refuses to act. However, Uther will not intervene because by sending soldiers there, he would be declaring war. Merlin announces that he must return home to take care of his mother and Prince Arthur thanks him for his service. When Merlin sees Gwen to ask her for a sword, she and Morgana declare their intention to come with him and fight for his village.

Hunith makes Merlin promise not to reveal his magical abilities to anyone else. As they camp for the night, Arthur comes to join them. They reach the village and fight the raiders as they arrive. Kanan threatens the lives of everyone present, and orders his men to leave. Arthur tries to talk to the villagers but Merlin's old friend, William, objects. He is in favour of giving the raiders what they want so that no one will be killed. Arthur says that unless the local people fight, they will forever be at Kanan's mercy. The whole village rallies behind Arthur and William leaves furiously.

Merlin tries to talk to William, who believes that Arthur is risking their lives for the sake of military glory. Merlin says that Arthur is his friend and would not put innocent people in danger; William replies that a real friend would have told Arthur about his use of magic. After they go to bed, Arthur asks why Merlin came to Camelot. Merlin cannot bring himself to tell the truth and just says that he wanted to find somewhere where he could belong.

The next morning Hunith tells Merlin that she thinks Arthur truly likes him. Merlin says he would be dead if Arthur knew about his magic, but she disagrees. Merlin goes to collect wood and is cornered by William, who wants to know why Merlin will not use sorcery to defeat the raiders. Merlin insists it is his destiny to help Arthur become a great king, and William is enraged that Merlin would put Arthur before his own friends and family. Arthur trains the men of the village in basic combat. Morgana points out that the men are outnumbered and the women must also be allowed to fight, but Arthur rejects this suggestion. Merlin later overhears Gwen and Morgana admitting that both they and Arthur came with Merlin because they care about him.

Matthew, who was acting as a lookout, is killed and his body returned with a note from the raiders. It threatens that they will return tomorrow to massacre everyone in the village. William publicly accuses Arthur of responsibility for Matthew's death, then makes plans to leave before the raiders come. Merlin tries to stop him but William again says that Merlin is a traitor for refusing to use magic. Merlin explains to Arthur that William distrusts nobility because his father was killed while fighting in the service of a king. Arthur fears William is right that everyone will die if they are made to stay and fight. Merlin convinces him that he must have faith in the villagers or they will not find the strength to win the battle.

Guinevere stands up to Arthur when he tells the women to leave before Kanan returns. He agrees that they should remain to defend their home, and gives a rousing speech to the villagers. Hunith privately expresses her fear of Arthur discovering Merlin's secret. Merlin reassures her that if Arthur is a true friend he will still accept Merlin.

Arthur apologises to Gwen for not wanting the women to fight. She wants to say that she trusts Arthur, but stumbles over her words. Merlin tries to tell him the truth about his magic and is interrupted by Morgana, who informs them that the raiders have crossed the river. The raiders are lured into a trap (with the women setting fire to the fences, hemming them in while the men ambush them) and the villagers come out to fight. William returns and saves Merlin from being hit. As it looks like the village is losing the battle, Merlin uses his magic to create a strong whirlwind that sends the raiders fleeing.

Kanan remains and duels with Arthur, who runs him through with a sword. Arthur wants to know who used magic to bring the wind up. At this point Kanan uses his last moments to fire a crossbow in Arthur's direction. William pushes Arthur out of the way and is hit with the arrow. He is brought in to Merlin's house, where he confesses to being the sorcerer who conjured the whirlwind. Arthur leaves and William says that he wanted to give Merlin the chance to be the servant to a great king. He dies, and Merlin sobs over his body.

Arthur believes that what Merlin meant to tell him was that William was a sorcerer. He is upset that Merlin didn't warn him about something so dangerous. Merlin says goodbye to his mother and prepares to return to Camelot. Echoing the Great Dragon's words, she states that he and Arthur are like two sides of the same coin. She assures him that one day, when the time is right, he can tell the truth at last.

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In a crypt below Camelot, Nimueh performs necromancy on a sealed sarcophagus, saying several magic words and ending it with "Uther Pendragon". The crypt bursts open, revealing a gloved hand, and its occupant roars in fury while a delighted Nimueh looks on.

Back at Camelot, Arthur comes of age and is crowned by his father as "Prince of Camelot", when a black clad knight, mounted on a black horse bursts into the hall through the window. The knight casts his gauntlet onto the ground as a challenge which is taken up by Sir Owain. The knight states the rules; single combat at noon to the death before galloping out. Gaius claims to Merlin he doesn't know the knight, but he and Geoffrey of Monmouth recognize the crest and realize that the knight is Tristan Dubois. Gaius immediately goes to tell Uther who already knows; Tristan Dubois is dead, killed 20 years previously by Uther himself, though Uther refuses to believe it is him, citing the obvious point that dead men do not return.

The next day, Arthur attempts to teach Sir Owain how to fight when Guinevere comes in with a token from Morgana. Sir Owain and the Black Knight then fight; in the duel, Sir Owain manages to stab the Black Knight in the belly, with no visible damage. The Black Knight then finishes off Sir Owain before issuing another challenge. Uther holds back Arthur from taking it, allowing another knight, Sir Pellinore to take up the challenge. Arthur then confronts Uther about why he held him back. Uther justifies it saying that they should allow the other knights a chance to prove themselves and that Arthur is not to blame. In the aftermath of the fight, Merlin tells Gaius Owain landed a mortal blow and the Black Knight should by rights be dead. Gaius suggests that perhaps he already is.

Merlin and Gaius go to Tristan's crypt to discover that someone had already broken out of the sarcophagus. Back at Gaius' room, it is revealed that Tristan is the brother of Igrayne, Uther's wife and Arthur's mother. Tristan, blaming Uther for the death of his sister in childbirth, rode to Camelot and confronted Uther. Uther managed to kill Tristan in single combat, but with his dying breath, Tristan swore he would return to Camelot one day and take his revenge. Gaius suspects that sorcery was involved: magic was used to harness the grief and rage of a demented soul, creating a wraith that cannot be harmed by any mortal weapon, and will continue killing until it achieves its ultimate goal: revenge.

The next day's challenge is the same as the first: Sir Pellinore fights the Knight, managing to stab the Knight (noticed by both Morgana and Guinevere). The Knight shows no sign of harm and finishes off Sir Pellinore. This time, Arthur throws down his gauntlet and issues his own challenge, to the shock of Uther. The Black Knight accepts and stalks away. Uther tells Arthur to revoke the challenge. Arthur refuses as it is against the rules, and to prove that he is worthy of the throne. Uther says that Arthur will surely die. Arthur comments that Uther has little faith in him.

Merlin suggests that he and Gaius will have to find a way to destroy the wraith. Merlin goes to try an idea to use magic in an attempt to destroy the Knight, whilst Gaius goes to the King and tells him that Tristan's tomb is empty and Tristan himself has been conjured from the dead. Gaius tells Uther not to let Arthur fight. Gaius tells Uther that no mortal weapon can kill the wraith and that Arthur will die. Uther says that Arthur will not listen to him, prompting Gaius to suggest that Uther tells Arthur who the knight is. Uther reveals that Gaius has already sworn not to tell a soul and dismisses him. Meanwhile, Merlin attacks the Knight with magic, conjuring a ring of fire that surrounds the knight. However, the magic has no effect, causing Merlin to confront Arthur, telling him to back out: Arthur still refuses.

In the dead of night, Uther is confronted by Nimueh, who states the wraith is her revenge for Uther banishing her from court and murdering so many of her fellow magic-users. Uther accuses her of killing Igrayne, but she insists she had no choice: by using magic to conceive Arthur, Igrayne had to die to preserve the balance of the world, and that had she known the depths of Uther's revenge, she would never have helped him. Nimueh leaves, stating that having seen so many people she loved die at his hands, now Uther will know the same pain.

Merlin, with the help of Geoffrey, looks for information on weapons that can slay the undead. After finding a cryptic reference to weapons blessed by a dragon, Merlin gets a sword from Guinevere, then goes to the Great Dragon. The Dragon initially refuses, saying it will be better to let the wraith take its revenge on Uther, but Merlin refuses, saying if Arthur dies in the challenge, he will have no destiny. The Dragon grudgingly agrees to bless the sword, but insists it is only to be used by Arthur: in the wrong hands, it could be used for terrible evil.

Gaius, at Uther's request, drugs Arthur, while Uther takes his place in the challenge. He meets Merlin in Camelot's armoury and, despite Merlin's protests, takes the sword for himself, using it to fight the wraith. Uther challenges the wraith, saying it can have what it came for: the father, not the son. A long and close-fought battle ensues: Uther and Tristan are well-matched, until Uther knocks off Tristan's helm, revealing the wraith- a decrepit, decayed corpse. Uther narrowly defeats Tristan, running him through while the wraith tries to free his sword from Uther's shield. Finally beaten, Tristan gives a scream of defeated rage before bursting into flame. A furious Nimueh, watching the fight in the crowd, slinks away defeated.

Arthur confronts Uther after the fight, but Uther defends himself saying he couldn't allow the most precious thing to him to die. Arthur is surprised by this, having believed he was a disappointment to his father.

The Great Dragon, however, confronts Merlin and is furious to learn Uther wielded the sword instead of Arthur, saying that in Uther's hands, the sword will only bring evil. As he cannot destroy the sword, the Dragon orders Merlin to hide the sword where no one can find it or uses its power. Merlin sneaks the Sword out of Camelot and casts it into a lake, where it lands on the lake floor, a shot which is shown in the opening credits.


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The Beginning of the End

A druid, Cerdan,[2] and his very young apprentice are in Camelot to collect supplies, but the shopkeeper reports them and they are chased by soldiers. Merlin telepathically hears the boy scream in pain as he is wounded by one of the royal guards. The druid is captured after using his magic to help the boy escape. Merlin now hears the boy's voice in his mind, begging for help. They manage to find each other by communicating telepathically, and Merlin hides him inside Morgana's room at the castle (having been told that the boy will be killed if the guards find him.) A soldier knocks on Morgana's door but she gets rid of him. She and Merlin then discover that the boy is wounded.

King Uther instantly orders the druid's execution. Prince Arthur protests that the druids are a peaceful people but Uther sees their use of sorcery as a threat. He wants to make an example to the druid people and orders the city to be searched until the druid's accomplice is found. The boy is recovering in Morgana's room and does not see what is going on, but at the moment of his master's execution he screams in horror and the mirror shatters magically.

Merlin later asks Gaius about druids and is forced to admit that he heard the child call to him telepathically. Gaius warns him not to be caught hiding the child, and says that druids look for children with magical gifts to serve as apprentices. Merlin later visits the boy, who is sleeping in Morgana's room. He refuses to tell her his name or even to speak. She is upset that Uther wants to execute an innocent child and says that magic may be something people are born with, rather than a choice they make. She and Merlin decide they must return the boy to the druid people.

At dinner Morgana is forced to make excuses when Uther asks if anything is troubling her. Arthur admits that the boy has not been found, and is ordered to continue the search. The following day the boy develops a fever because of an infection in his wound. Morgana wants to fetch Gaius but Merlin thinks this is too dangerous and offers to try and help the child himself. Arthur arrives with a guard to search the room. Morgana says that the missing boy is behind the screen (where he really is) and Arthur leaves, thinking she is making fun of him.

Gaius catches Merlin reading a book about medicine. He is delighted that Merlin is taking an interest, and insists Merlin sit and be lectured to about the human anatomy. Merlin finally gets away and goes to the boy. While Morgana fetches water, the child thanks him telepathically and calls him "Emrys." This is Merlin's name among the druid people. Merlin asks how they know about him but there is no reply. Later that night he goes to see the Great Dragon. The Dragon tells him that he has many names, of which "Emrys" is one, and is the subject of many prophecies that Merlin has not yet read. The Dragon, like Merlin, has heard the druid boy's voice. He says that Merlin must not help the child, but flies away without explaining why.

Meanwhile, the boy is being cared for by Gwen (Guinevere) and Morgana, and calls out to Morgana telepathically. He is becoming weaker. When Merlin arrives she begs for Gaius to be fetched. Merlin tells Gaius everything and Gaius is furious that he would put himself in such danger. Merlin says that the boy is dying and pleads with Gaius to save him. Gaius reluctantly agrees on the condition that they hand the child back to the druids as soon as he recovers. Everyone who leaves or enters Camelot is being searched, so Merlin and Morgana decide they will smuggle him out through a door which leads to the lower town. Merlin uses magic to get the key from Arthur.

Morgana and the boy escape but are seen leaving, and the guards chase after them. Arthur eventually catches them and orders them to reveal themselves. Morgana begs him not to hurt the child but Arthur tells the guards to restrain them both. The king accuses Morgana of conspiring with the druids against him. Uther commands for the boy to be executed and lashes out at her furiously when she says he has been overcome by his hate for magic. A tearful Morgana swears to Merlin that she will not allow the boy to die. Merlin agrees to help her.

Morgana asks for Arthur's help to free the boy. With Merlin they agree to carry him out through the burial vaults. Merlin again visits the Dragon and asks why he was told not to help the boy. The Dragon says that if the boy lives, Merlin cannot fulfil his destiny: the boy will one day kill Arthur unless allowed to die by Merlin himself. Merlin cryptically asks for Gaius's advice and Gaius says it seems that Merlin has already made his decision.

When Gwen asks why Morgana is risking so much to help the druid boy, she says she feels an inexplicable bond with him and believes she was meant to help him. As agreed with Arthur she goes to apologise to Uther in order to keep him distracted. Arthur uses a smoke bomb to distract the royal guards and then releases the boy from the dungeon. He has alerted the druids and they are waiting. The guards soon discover the boy is missing and raise the alarm. As the Dragon advised him, Merlin is not waiting to help Arthur and the boy escape. However, he is haunted by the boy's telepathic cries for help and runs to their aid. The child promises "Emrys" that they will see each other again.

Uther is furious to discover the boy has escaped. He threatens Morgana with death if he finds out she was involved. Morgana silently rages as he leaves the room.

Arthur hands the young boy back to the druids. As they leave he calls out to them, asking who the boy is. The boy speaks his first and only line aloud: "My name is Mordred." Arthur wishes him good luck as ominous music plays.

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So sori to all my followers bcz my blog kinda boring this lately becz i dont have any idea to felt very nervous about my SPM result which is around da i hope u will prays 4 me always.... hopefully i will get straight 1A`s in SPM 2008.........INSYAALAH...........

here are 1 of the song dat i love at this moment ang also its lyric..........enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

Oohhhh oh, oh..

It never crossed my mind at all.
It's what I tell myself.
What we had has come and gone.
You're better off with someone else.
It's for the best, I know it is.
But I see you.
Sometimes I try to hide
What I feel inside,
And I turn around.
You're with him now.
I just can't figure it out.

Tell me why it's so hard to forget.
Don't remind me, I'm not over it.
Tell me why I can't seem to face the truth.
I'm just a little too not over you.
Not over you....

Memories, supposed to fade.
What's wrong with my heart?
Shake it off, let it go.
Didn't think it'd be this hard.
Should be strong, movin' on.
But I see you.
Sometimes I try to hide
What I feel inside.
And I turn around,
You're with him now.
I just can't figure it out.

Tell me why it's so hard to forget.
Don't remind me, I'm not over it.
Tell me why I can't seem to face the truth.
I'm just a little too not over you.

Maybe I regret everything I said,
No way to take it all back, yeah...
Now I'm on my own..
How I let you go, I'll never understand.
I'll never understand, yeah, oohh..
Oohhh, oohhh, oohhhh..
Oohhh, ooohhhh, oohhh.

Tell me why it's so hard to forget.
Don't remind me, I'm not over it.
Tell me why I can't seem to face the truth.
I'm just a little too not over you.

Tell me why it's so hard to forget.
Don't remind me, I'm not over it.
Tell me why I can't seem to face the truth.
And I really don't know what to do.
I'm just a little too not over you.
Not over you, oohhh..


The Gates of Avalon

Morgana has a nightmare in which Prince Arthur is drowned by a beautiful young woman. While out hunting with Merlin, Arthur comes across this woman and her elderly father being attacked by robbers. He fights the robbers away with the (unknowing) aid of Merlin's magic. The old man is brought before King Uther. He introduces himself as Aulfric and the girl as his daughter, Sophia. Aulfric is the heir to another kingdom ("Tír-Mòr" - Gaelic for "Mainland") which was ransacked by raiders, and is travelling west with Sophia to join other family. Uther invites them to stay in Camelot for a while.

Morgana is horrified to see Sophia moving into the room next to Arthur's. She tells Gaius about her vision of Sophia and the fact that Sophia is now staying at the castle. Gaius tries to reassure her and gives her a sleeping draught, advising her not to worry Uther. Morgana is not convinced.

Aulfric is seen returning to the forest and using magic to kill the only one of the bandits who survived. He had paid them to pretend to attack him and Sophia. Morgana has another dream about Sophia drowning Arthur. The next morning Arthur goes riding with Sophia after making Merlin promise to cover for him, as he was supposed to be on patrol. Gwen (Guinevere) encourages Morgana to tell the king about her dream but Morgana fears Uther would punish her for use of sorcery. She resolves to stop Sophia herself. Meanwhile, Uther discovers that Arthur is missing. Merlin takes the blame for not giving Arthur the order to go on patrol, so Uther has him thrown into the stocks.

In the forest Sophia is about to use witchcraft against Arthur, but they are interrupted by the royal knights. He decides to go back to Camelot rather than taking her to the river. When Merlin returns home and explains why he has been in the stocks, Gaius is reminded of Morgana's dream. He examines Aulfric's possessions and finds his staff. The staff is carved with Ogham runes, which add to the mystery of just who Aulfric and Sophia are. He is then caught snooping by Aulfric, but manages to come up with an excuse and escape, but not before seeing Aulfric's eyes flash red with anger. Sophia is also angrily confronted by Morgana, who swears to hunt her down if she harms Arthur.

Aulfric wants to know why Sophia has not completed her mission. Their aim is to re-open and enter "the gates of Avalon." Aulfric warns her to hurry and they agree that their enchantment must be completed the following day. Morgana tries to warn Arthur about her dreams, but he does not believe her, arrogantly believing she is trying to confess her feelings for him (something Morgana strongly denies).

The next day Arthur prepares to go riding with Sophia again rather than attend the appointment of a new royal knight. Merlin promises to get him out of it but is again thrown into the stocks. In the forest Sophia casts a spell which brings Arthur under her control. Merlin returns and Gaius tells him that Morgana is a Seer, born with the power to view the future in her dreams. He has known for a while about her ability but kept this quiet in order to protect her from Uther's wrath (he considers the ability to be too close to magic). He suspects that Arthur is indeed in danger as Morgana fears, because of what he saw whilst investigating the room of Aulfric and Sophia. That evening Merlin overhears Sophia telling Aulfric that her magic has worked, and tomorrow they will be able to use Arthur for their own purposes. Aulfric says he will go to speak to "the elders."

Merlin follows Aulfric to the river, where he summons the Sidhe elders, who resemble fairies. It emerges that he and Sophia were exiled from Avalon, the land of immortal life, because he killed another Sidhe. Aulfric must remain in a mortal body forever, but Sophia may return to Avalon again if they sacrifice a mortal prince to the Sidhe elders. Merlin tells Gaius everything.

Arthur requests an audience with the king and asks for permission to marry Sophia, which is denied. Uther believes that his son is too young to marry, and threatens to have Aulfric and Sophia arrested if Arthur defies him. Morgana very nearly tells Uther about her dreams but cannot bring herself to. Merlin attempts to warn Arthur that Sophia has bewitched him, but is caught by Aulfric and Sophia. Arthur's eyes magically glow red and Aulfric knocks out Merlin using magic. Morgana sees Arthur leave with Sophia and Aulfric, and runs to Gaius: he tells her to remain calm and leave the matter to him.

Gaius finds and tells a dazed Merlin that Sophia and Aulfric have taken Arthur away. Merlin rushes into the forest in time to see them beginning the ceremony to return Sophia to Avalon. She is told that Aulfric cannot come with her but she must go through with the ceremony: if the elders do not get Arthur's soul, they will take hers instead. Merlin arrives as Sophia has magically suspended Arthur under the river. He magically grabs the staff she carries, which was lying on the bank, and uses a spell with the staff that kills both her and Aulfric. He wades into the river and saves Arthur before Arthur drowns.

Arthur awakens back in his chambers at Camelot with no memory of what Sophia did to him. Merlin and Gaius tell him that he eloped with Sophia and Merlin knocked him out and brought him back to Camelot. Arthur is horrified that Merlin could overpower him and that he ever wanted to marry Sophia. He then forces Gaius and Merlin not to tell anyone what happened. Merlin again takes the blame for Arthur's activities and so Uther has him placed in the stocks yet again. Gaius later gives Morgana another sleeping potion and makes Merlin swear never to let her know about her powers, or the possibility that she is a sorceress. She suffers another nightmare that night.


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A Remedy to Cure All Ills

A man is seen enchanting a beetle which then crawls inside a flower he is holding. A bunch of these flowers is anonymously left for Morgana. The man, whose face is heavily scarred, watches her window from the ground below. As she sleeps that night, the beetle comes out of the flower and goes into her ear.

Two days later, Morgana has become dangerously ill with an inflammation of the brain. Gaius cannot find the cause and does not know what to do for her. Merlin offers to try and help her using magic but Gaius reminds him that his previous use of a magical cure nearly led to Gwen being executed. The scarred man arrives at the castle and introduces himself to Prince Arthur. He is Edwin Muirden, a physician who claims to have "a remedy to cure all ills." Arthur turns him away but Edwin promises to be at the inn should he be needed.

Morgana is now only hours away from death. Arthur becomes so afraid for her that he tells his father about the mysterious Edwin. King Uther orders Edwin to be summoned at once. Gaius believes he and Edwin have met before but Edwin denies this. He asks for privacy while examining Morgana; Gwen enters the room unawares but he angrily confronts her and orders her to bring water. When she leaves, he uses a spell to remove the beetle.

Edwin tells the king that Morgana has in fact had a cerebral haemorrhage and indirectly accuses Gaius of incompetence in treating her. Uther is delighted at her miraculous recovery. When questioned by Gaius, Edwin again says they have never met. A suspicious Gaius asks the court genealogist, Geoffrey of Monmouth, for records of the "Great Purge" when Uther removed magic from the kingdom. However, Geoffrey is too afraid to open the records because they both know the king would forbid it.

While looking at Edwin's magical equipment, Merlin finds a box containing what appears to be dead beetles. There is a magical enchantment carved into the lid. He is able to read it and when he does so, they come to life. Edwin catches him and is impressed by his magical ability. He encourages Merlin not to be afraid to use magic to do good, and offers to be his mentor. Merlin says that Gaius will not allow him to use magic but Edwin insists magic is a wonderful gift, and by working together they could become great.

Geoffrey of Monmouth trusts Gaius enough that he produces the old records after all. While at dinner with Uther, Edwin casts doubt upon Gaius's capability as a physician. Later that evening Gaius confronts Edwin with his new found knowledge: Edwin's parents were old friends of Gaius, a witch and wizard executed on Uther's orders when he removed sorcery from Camelot. Edwin reveals that he knows about Merlin, and that his face is scarred because he tried to save his parents from being burnt at the stake. He believes they died because of Gaius, who was also a sorcerer but chose to save himself rather than his old friends. He threatens to kill Uther if Gaius tells anyone, including Merlin.

Edwin now tells Uther that Gaius has become too incompetent in his old age to continue as court physician. Gaius visits the Great Dragon, who states it is Merlin's destiny to unite Albion alongside Arthur, and "their time cannot come until (Uther's) has passed." He says it is now Gaius's choice as to whether that will happen sooner rather than later. Gaius refuses to sacrifice Uther for Merlin so the Dragon tells him to turn a blind eye as he did before.

Uther dismisses Gaius from the job of court physician, thanking him for his many years of loyal service. Gaius resolves to leave Camelot. He tells Merlin that they have been like father and son, and reminds him of his great destiny. The next day Edwin poisons Uther, replacing the potion that Gaius had given him to treat an old wound. Gwen encounters Gaius as he is leaving. She does not trust Edwin, but Gaius says there is nothing he can do. Edwin has paralysed Uther and inserts one of the magical beetles into the king's ear. It will eat into his brain and kill him within hours.

Gaius returns to the castle, swearing that Edwin will not kill Uther. He could not bring himself to help Edwin's parents because he knew they were using evil magic. Edwin encases Gaius in a ring of magical fire but Merlin walks in and Gaius tells him the truth. Merlin refuses Edwin's offer to rule the kingdom together using magic. Because of this, Edwin enchants an axe from the wall to fly towards Merlin. Merlin magically returns the axe towards Edwin and Edwin is killed. Gaius and Merlin remember the king and rush to his side. Merlin is reluctant to use magic to save Uther but Gaius tells him it is the only way. Using his own magic rather than Edwin's, Merlin removes the beetle and Uther is cured.

A recovered Uther believes it is Gaius who saved his life. He reinstates Gaius to his job and makes him a free man of Camelot, stating (in private) that Gaius is the only man he can trust in the fight against magic.


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While picking mushrooms in a forest, Merlin is attacked by an enormous winged beast with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. The creature corners him but is chased away by a young man with a sword. Merlin's rescuer introduces himself as Lancelot. Later, King Uther and Prince Arthur search the forest for signs of the creature. It has taken human victims from the nearby village but attacked no livestock: the creature has developed a taste for human flesh. Uther orders Arthur to prepare Camelot in case the creature should head for it.

Lancelot has been brought to Gaius and treated for superficial wounds. He makes a full recovery and later tells Merlin about his ambition to become one of the Knights of Camelot. Merlin promises to put in a word for him with Arthur. Unfortunately, Arthur states that only those of noble blood are eligible for knighthood. Lancelot is devastated. He is the only survivor of a village which was massacred by raiders, and has been training in combat ever since in order to achieve his dream of defending Camelot.

Merlin uses his magical powers to create a forged seal of nobility for Lancelot to use. Lancelot is reluctant to lie but Merlin convinces him that all he needs is a chance to prove his worth. Gwen (Guinevere) fits Lancelot for his chain mail and they seem to be very taken with each other. Gaius chastises Merlin for forging the seal of nobility, but Merlin passionately declares that the rules of knighthood are unfair and this is the only way he can repay Lancelot.

At the same time, survivors from another village attacked by the monster arrive at Camelot. Uther deduces that the mysterious creature is moving towards Camelot. He tells Arthur to prepare the royal knights to fight. Because of this, Lancelot's test of knighthood is brought forward. He must last one minute in a duel with Prince Arthur. Lancelot feigns defeat and then attacks when Arthur is not looking. This is successful and he is appointed Sir Lancelot. However, Uther is suspicious and orders the seal of nobility to be examined by the court genealogist, Geoffrey of Monmouth.

At the celebrations for Lancelot's knighthood, Merlin jokingly asks Gwen who she would fall in love with if she had the choice between Arthur and Lancelot. Gwen says she will never have to make that decision. Lancelot is arrested the following morning when it is discovered that he's not a real nobleman. He is thrown into the dungeons. Arthur says Lancelot still proved himself capable to fight, but the king insists that Lancelot has betrayed their trust and is not worthy of the honour.

Gaius has discovered that the monster terrorising the villages is a Griffin, a creature previously thought to be only mythical. The Griffin arrives in Camelot and battles with Arthur and the royal knights. It destroys Arthur's weapons and later disappears. Gaius says that the creature is magical and can only be defeated by magic, but Uther insists they lure the Griffin and kill it that evening. Gaius tells Merlin that he must use magic to defeat the Griffin or Arthur will be killed.

Arthur comes to release Lancelot from prison. He is regretful that Lancelot cannot serve as a knight, but orders him to leave Camelot before the king finds out. Lancelot asks Gwen to provide him with weapons and armour so that he can fight the Griffin anyway. She begs him not to go. Merlin discovers that Lancelot plans to battle the Griffin, and rushes off to join him. Meanwhile, the royal knights have arrived at the Griffin's lair: however, the monster slaughters the knights and badly wounds Arthur and is then charged down by Lancelot. Merlin uses a very powerful spell which he had practiced with Gaius but been unable to use. Lancelot's spear becomes magically charged and he kills the Griffin.

Uther is furious that Arthur defied him and released Lancelot. Arthur protests that Lancelot has saved his life and fought with honour. Lancelot knows that Merlin used magic to defeat the Griffin and promises to keep Merlin's "secret" safe. Uther and Arthur argue over whether or not to restore Lancelot's knighthood, but Lancelot cannot stand to lie any more. He asks for their forgiveness and leaves Camelot. Gwen sadly watches him go, but Merlin foresees Lancelot will return to them one day.


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