Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bowringness at home =((

hye guys...urmm now im wondering, why there are so many college student wanted to go back home...instead enjoying their life at college...because i felt so bored living at here, doing nothing at all...maybe because my house is at Kelantan, well theres nothing here, i mean yeah..there is no entertainment places that i used to such as cinema(like most)....oh crap! why there is no such thing here...every morning, breakfast, FB, then nothing....i can`t live like it wasting my time....never mind, it does save my money actually....hehe...but seriously there are a lot of different between Kl/selangor and Kelantan.....urmm i guess i don`t have to mention it since everybody aware of that right? that is why i LOve Kl :) ...

so, currently my house is under construction, so my house is kinda mess and of course my room also....after almost 4 months i left my room to my lil bro, it does look like ******* felt very angry, but never show it to him..i love him :) tonight i decided to tidy up my room by myself....guess what? i got three dark plastic bag full with unwanted things and all the crappy-thingy...gosh! so tired maaaa.....while he is having his sleeping i said, i wont get angry to him...:)) my room become OK mom love having me around...thats the only moment where she can see her son`s room look OK and perfect!hehe..

since i felt so bored..i took a lot of pictures with my cutie cousin..he is very obsessed with the light! trust me....dont believe me? click ME

so thats all from me......:)


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