Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Michael Jackson Did on His Last Day???

Michael Jackson spent the last night of his life doing what he had always done: performing. The singer was in rehearsals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, running through a full slate of songs from his upcoming 50-concert London event flanked by friends and colleagues. He marveled at the major set pieces that had finally been installed in the rehearsal space. "He was just glowing, and you could see it, that he was finally seeing it all come together," says Dorian Holley, the vocal director for Jackson's upcoming tour. "Up until Wednesday, it had always been [just a concept], but that last day you could see it in him, that he was seeing the show finally come together for the first time. It was a big moment." (See TIME's complete Michael Jackson coverage.)

Holley says he left rehearsals just before midnight on the night of June 24, as Jackson headed off to attend yet more meetings. About 12 hours later, a 911 call would be placed from Jackson's home in Holmby Hills, reporting urgently that "he's not breathing ... He's not responding to CPR, anything."

The pop icon had seemed different during these rehearsals - not ailing by any means, but perhaps more contemplative - says Holley, who has coached Jackson on solo tours since 1987. In preparing for previous tours, Holley said auditions for backup singers and other performing roles would usually be held via videotape, and it wouldn't be all that uncommon for the two to speak directly only two or three times over the span of a year. But for "This Is It," the London concerts scheduled to begin in July, Jackson was much more present and available, attending auditions and eagerly talking with everyone in the crew about the larger mission behind the tour. (See TIME's photos: "The Young Michael Jackson at Home.")

"It almost sounds crazy to say that the show wasn't about him, but ... he'd put it in perspective all the time, saying, 'This is what we're here for, to spread a message of love and taking care of the planet, that we want people to understand it's very, very dear and not to take it for granted,'" Holley tells TIME. (See TIME's top 10 Jackson moments.)

Until the last hour of rehearsals, Jackson maintained a ferocious, perfectionist pace, says Holley, who, after decades working with the singer, says he was still astonished by his vocal and physical prowess. Some in the public questioned whether Jackson, at 50, would still be able to command a stage, and recent reports published Sunday in Britain's Daily Mail said that Jackson had been too feeble to dance, sing or, at times, even speak in the weeks leading up to his death. But, Holley - despite his own early concerns about a lack of rehearsal time leading up to the first London shows in July - says the star's presence and energy during his final week was unequivocal. "He'd take the stage with this group of dancers, all in their 20s, but you couldn't take your eyes off him ... Many of his songs have six or seven parts, and he would often come over if we were missing an important note in our mix, and he would sing through all the parts rapid-fire to show us what he wanted. We would just sit there with our jaws open - it was awesome," Holley says. "He could still do everything ... The only difference now was that he would sometimes talk about how it made him sore." (Hear TIME's top 10 Jackson songs.)

"This time around, we had the technology to isolate just his microphone and listen to his singing separate from everything else. I had no idea what a genius he was. The way he's able to use his voice as a percussion instrument, lyricist, jazz singer all at the same time. I'm sure as people mine his works in years to come, they're going to discover how much is there," he says.

It was a text message on Thursday afternoon that gave Holley the first hint of bad news - a note saying Jackson had been rushed to the hospital. Neither he nor the crew knew how to react to the uncertainty, so they did what they always did - they went in to rehearse. Except this time, as fans all over the world from Los Angeles to New York City to Tokyo to Buenos Aires played his music, sang his songs and emulated his dance in tribute, Holley says the crew couldn't bring themselves to touch the music.

Jackson had been preparing to take the world back, Holley says, and during the singer's final night, he finally knew he was ready. "You would think that, on the one hand, the world has kind of beaten him up, and you could forgive him for having some trepidation and fear. But he didn't have any of that," says Holley. "Words fail to describe what people would have seen with the tour. I couldn't even imagine until last week when it became physically apparent [on the set]. He was ready to show the world, and I so wish there could have been just one concert so the world would have seen."

here a some of the MJ`s pictures~~~

p/s: goodbye MJ.....

'Transformers': Worst-reviewed $400 million hit?

LOS ANGELES - After just five days, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is halfway to $400 million domestically, a box-office milestone only eight other movies have reached. If it climbs that high, the "Transformers" sequel will be by far the worst-reviewed movie ever to make the $400 million club.

Critics and mainstream crowds often disagree, but "Revenge of the Fallen" sets a new standard for the gulf between what reviewers and mass audiences like.

The movie pulled in $201.2 million since opening Wednesday, the second-best result for a movie in its first five days, just behind "The Dark Knight" with $203.8 million. Even after its whopping $60.6 million opening day, "Revenge of the Fallen" was packing theaters, a sign that unlike critics, who mostly hated the movie, audiences felt they were getting their money's worth and were giving the flick good word of mouth.

Critics "forget what the goal of the movie was. The goal of the movie is to entertain and have fun," said Rob Moore, vice chairman of Paramount, which is distributing "Transformers" for DreamWorks. "What the audience tells us is, `We couldn't be more entertained and having more fun.' They kind of roll their eyes at the critics and say, `You have no idea what you're talking about.'"

According to Paramount's exit polls, 91 percent of the audience thought the sequel was as good as or better than the first "Transformers," which received far better reviews.

Most of Hollywood's all-time biggest hits are accompanied by either good or at least passable reviews, and some can be among the year's most-acclaimed, such as this year's "Up" and "Star Trek" and last year's "The Dark Knight," "WALL-E" and "Iron Man."

Not so for the new "Transformers." On Rottentomatoes.com , a Web site that compiles critics' opinions, the sequel had only 38 positive reviews out of 187, a lowly 20 percent rating usually reserved for box-office duds.

Many critics who liked the movie had reservations, praising the movie's visual effects and relentless action but generally advising audiences to check their brains at the door.

The critical drubbing was a new low for "Transformers" director Michael Bay, never a favorite among professional movie reviewers. But he has long been a favorite among fans, scoring hits with the first "Transformers" and such flicks as "Armageddon," "Pearl Harbor," "Bad Boys II" and "The Rock."

Like blockbuster maestro Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced many of Bay's movies, the director aims to please audiences, not critics.

"He really had blinders on when it comes to what he believed the picture needs to be, and then he executed it," said Brad Grey, Paramount chairman and chief executive officer. "He's a director who is the definition of blockbuster at this point. His grosses speak for themselves."

Bay's previous worst score on Rottentomatoes was 23 percent for "Bad Boys II," followed by 25 percent for "Pearl Harbor." Even his commercial flop "The Island" rated well above the "Transformers" sequel, with 40 percent positive reviews.

Of the eight movies that have grossed more than $400 million domestically, four scored 90 percent or higher on Rottentomatoes: "The Dark Knight," "Spider-Man," "E.T. the Extra-terrestrial" and "Star Wars." Two others, "Shrek 2" and "Titanic," topped 80 percent.

The other two had mixed reviews but still came in far higher than "Revenge of the Fallen," with "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" scoring 63 percent and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" rating 53 percent.

This year's biggest hits so far had terrific scores, "Up" with 97 percent and "Star Trek" with 95 percent. Both movies have grossed about $250 million, a number the "Transformers" sequel will soar past by next weekend.

On Metacritic.com, a site that assigns ratings of zero to 100 based on movie reviews, "Revenge of the Fallen" received a 36, a lowly score barely above those given to recent box-office duds "Year One" and "Land of the Lost."

Bay has said that if there is a third "Transformers" movie, he would like to come back for it. But his next project could be far quieter than the explosions and action for which he is known.

"I've got to take a little time off from the robot world," Bay said before the movie opened. "I've got to do something totally different. It's enough of this for right now. I keep saying I'm going to do my small movie. I've got one I want to do."

Monday, June 29, 2009


Guys..jangan lupa hari ni ialah
birthday Mr Zahari yang ke 30
so Happy Birthday!!!
actually tak wish lagi kat empunya badan
hehe...jap lg nak wish la...

Here are the cake for you papa...

i hope that u will be happy with your beloved family
may Allah bless you always.....

Mr Zahari Bakri

p/s : hadiah dah siap dibungkus,tunggu nak poskan jer..tunggu yer..huhu


Assalamualaikum...fwens...dude n babe
hari ini aku berasa sungguh tenang,tak tahu kenapa
apa-apa pun bersyukur kepadaNya yang memberi ketenangan ini

about the tittle,..hurmm...
im heading to MMU Melaka doing
my Foundation study in Engineering course.
This is my ambition,t`d like to thank to
JPA for giving me the scholarship, if not
i cant afford to pay the fee at here
because this is private university

Actually,i get offer to persue my study at
Swinburne University,Australia
but my mom dont allow me to be there
i dont know why
she said that it is too far from our house...
then i ask for the changes and i got at
MMU Melaka campus.Thank God!

so i think thats all from me
about my future University...
to all readers.let us pray for our success

here are some of the pictures that i took from their website

Sunday, June 28, 2009


itulah kata2 yg dapat aku ungkapkan dengan
keadaan diri aku sekarang ini
mengapakah benda ini sering kali
terjadi terhadap diriku??
apakah salah aku?atau ini ujian Allah semata-mata

sejak 2 hari yang lepas,
aku berasa sungguh bingung dan takut
aku merasakan apa yang aku rancang selama ini
hanyalah sia-sia sahaja
ya Allah....berilah petunjuk-Mu
aku memohon kepada-Mu,sesungguhnya
hanya Engkaulah yang mampu menolong diriku ini

Berikanlah aku kekuatan rohani,jasmani dan mental
supaya aku mampu mengharungi dugaan-Mu ini dengan
mudah dan redha serta sabar...
aku tidak pernah menyangka hal ini
akan terjadi terhadap diriku,dan
sekarang aku terpaksa menghadapinya dengan penuh kesabaran
aku amat bersyukur atas segala apa yang telah engkau
berikan kepadaku selama ini,

Muhaimin kuatkan semangatmu untuk
menempuh dugaan ini,aku perlu
membuat pilihan sama ada
aku perlu mengikut kehendak ibubapaku
@ kehendakku....
ibu bapaku ingin aku menjadi seorang guru
namun cita-citaku ingin menjadi seorang jurutera
apakah aku perlu menjadi anak derhaka?
apakah aku perlu mengorbankan segala impianku selama ini?
apakah aku perlu meneruskan azamku untuk menjadi seorang jurutera?
apakah perkara yang perlu aku lakukan??
solat sunat istikarah? dah
dapat petunjuk? most of them are about engineer
so,your parents? still want me to be a teacher....
talk to them nicely? done..bt still with their wish
what am i suppose to do next???
hanya kepada Engkau aku berserah...

Ya Allah....
berikanlah petunjukMu supaya aku mampu
membuat pilihan yang terbaik demi
meniti hari-hari yang akan datang
aku memohon kepadaMu Ya Allah.....

rabbana ati-na fiddunya hasanah
wafil-a khiroti hasanah
wakina aza-bannar....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia
Kampus Pendidikan Islam

hai fwens,
today i felt very happy because
right after Jumaat prayer,
my elder brother call me and ask me about
my last interview ( teacher-to-be),

Actually at that moments,
i felt very nervous,
i dont know why..
i just said to myself,
just accept the result,whatever it is
so i took my papa`s hp and start writing that stuff


and then send to


a few minutes later.....
tik..tik..tik..ade masageee...


Info lanjut layari www.moe.gov.my

Thank God,i got it!
Actually im very curious about the place,
am i gonna be Ustaz?? OMG
new name: Ustaz Muhaimin
but the answer is NO!
becuase i had been offered
Math/English/Bahasa Melayu

The place is very far from my house
it is situated at here : -
Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia
Kampus Pendidikan Islam

Jalan Maktab Seksyen 12
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi
Selangor Darul Ehsan

So thats all from me....

Here are some of the picture
that i took from their web..

Surau kot..

bangunan blajar kot...

yg ni entah la...




to Nina..
sb dier dah bazirkan masa dier
utk ngajo aku wat blogumulus
klu x da nina,x reti aku
mmg ssh...bg aku la
tq nina....


to Zainudin
sb dlm kesibukan aku buat blogmulus
din smpat lg nasihatkan aku supaya
study dlu before masuk University
sb it is totally different...
tq Din for reminding me!
U r my bestest fwens..
frens 4eva din....

so Muhaimin...
din suh aku study subjek
+math,Bi,Chemy and Phy...
tq so much din 4 ur advice...

Pe2 pun tq to others as well for reminding me

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Skunk ni org KLantan
dh loaded dah skit hidup...
ok lah dr dlu tu..

Dulu-dulu waktu aku kecil-kecil
klu kiteorng pergi KB msti pergi
The Store,Mydin and lain-lain lg,
tp skunk,semenjak terbangunnya
sebuah shooping complex named

For me,KB Mall is not as huge as other
shopping complex at Selangor
eg : Midvalley,Berjaya Times Square,Sunway Pyramid
and others....
the price at here is pretty high,bt
it doesnt matter for me...
i love to shop at here because
it has everything
bookshop,restaurants,bowl centre and others...
Pacific Hypermarket is the place where people
used to buy wet food and other things...

For me,KB Mall is not good enough
because,not all the boutique that i love to shop
is present at here..
eg:Topman,Topguy,Padini and other famous boutiques..

guys,wanna see the picture x?
i know maybe some of you got
no chance to watch KB Mall building rite?
here i gt some of the picture..

waktu pagi...

waktu malam....


Salam n Hi..
dude,dh tngk dh citer baru
yang ade kat panggung aritu,aku dh tngk dah
tp bkn kt panggung la
via CD jer..tu pun pirates nyer..
sb kat KLantan ni
mana ada panggung..

Urm..fyi aitu aku tngk citer
citer ni bg aku mmg best gile2..
non-stop action movie,
i like!
mmg best sngt2 citer ni..
aku paling best part akhir2 tu..

second movie is
urmmm...citer ni mmg bosan giler
aku tngk mmg x best nk mampos
aku x tahu la klu ader orunk minat kan citer ni
tp bg aku,mmg bosan sngt2 citer nie
langsung x paham plot citer dier
tp maaf yer kepada readers yg suke tngk movie ni..hehe

skunk ni movie yg paling aku nk tngk ialah
mmg best sngt2 movie ni
aku,envy btl dgn orunk yg dah tngk movie ni
xper..xper..nt aku nk tngk jugak..
walaupun terpaksa membeli pirates nyer..huhu

tu jer kot utk post kali nie..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hai kengkawan,smlm aku g pasar malam
kt tmpt aku ni pasar malam akan
diadakan pada hari Selasa,malam Rabu,
smlm mmg bnyk jugak orang kt pasar malam
bnyk giler barangan dan makanan yang dijual
smlm aku ade la g bli sumting
walaupun aku dh ade,tp dh buruk la
so aku nak la jugak beli yang baru
nak tahu apa benda yang aku beli??
cube teka..huhu


Wallet aku yang lama tu dh koyak rabak dah
actly ade gak b4 this aku cari yang baru
tapi,semuanya tak berkenan di hati
so,semalam ade yang satu ni
mmg berkenan di hatiku,
actly banyak yg aku suke,tp aku amik satu jela

ha..yg ni la yg aku suker
actly dompet ni x ori,tp xper la
nanti bila aku dh keje dan ade duit sendiri
aku beli la yang orinyer...
harganya murah giler
RM 10.00 jer..
x mahal kan?kualiti dier ok lah dr yg aku nye dlu,
klu yg dlu tu mmg dh buruk gile2 dah
nak tngk?

ni wallet aku yg lama
dh buruk kan?? thats y aku tukar yang baru

pastu aku masukkn semua kad-kad yg penting2
sekejap jer dompet tu terus gemox
aku pun x tahu naper
sb aku tngk dompet org lain kurus jer...
akunyer ni gemuk jer selalu...

ni kad-kad bank


dan juga lesen aku..huhu..bru lesen P

so,pe2 pun mmg aku puas hati dgn
design wallet yg bru ni
sb everything is complete..
so pasni aku nk tukar jam tangan plak!
huhu....yg lama tu dh buruk dah
bru jer bli tahun ni
tp x tahan lama..bli kt Muar..

p/s : sape2 nak bg hadiah jam tangan utk aku let me know k

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Dude n babe...ketemu lagi ye kita
Kali ni nk citer skit pasal tajuk kt atas tuh...
So,stkt ni sape dh celebrate papa`s day??
FYI..aku dh
aku sambut 22 day skali utk ayah aku
burthday ayah aku 20 Jun 1957( anak merdeka )
Father`s day plak 21 Jun Everyyear
so aku deicde nk smbut 22 trus ..jimat skit

1st -
Aku g tempah kek
harganya RM 28.00
murah kan? save bajet!

2nd -
Aku g bli baju t-shirt
harganya RM 79.90
tp dpt less 70%
so harganya RM 23.90
lg murah baju nie
pastu aku ade la blikn satu utk aku
murah siot baju tgh on sale..
aku apa lg..shopping la kjp

3rd -
Aku bli koey teau
gune duit ayah aku
haha..dh hbs duit daa...
pastu goreng dgn mak aku(anak yg rajin)

4th -
Pilih bju ape nk pakai nt
pilih..pilih..pilih..yg mana nie??
aku amik bju yg ayah aku blanja utk aku..:D

5th -
family gathering
aku terpaksa amik adik aku yg kt
MRSM Jeli..supaya dier leh join...
everything is complete
xcept my eldest sister
she cant make it bcz she gt a test
so sorry,,,kak long

6th -
Got nothing to do anymore
prepare for the party!!!!
Music please........


at the end...

kemaskan meja pastu relax...

wanna c da picture?
here i got some...

my mom n dad....

my family...

Yummy cake!!!!

the kuey teau yg i goreng!!..sedap lol

my mom n dad..again

present time!!!!!

from me as well but my mom yg ngada...huhu

from me n my lil sis....

sweet father to a handsome son..x leh blah!

my family....

my lil sis.....n my cousin

My mom...me....my dad

i think thats all from me...

last but not least....

Kenangilah jasa bapa anda
tanpa beliau siapalah anda

Friday, June 12, 2009


Post kali nie mmg menarik skit
biasa la,b4 this klu aku ckp jer
pasal tajuk kt atas,
org dh agak dah
apa yg aku akn bgtau,
tp kali nie,aku sediakn gmbar skali
so,enjoy reading kay!

ni lah sempadan MY-THAILAND

BANGUNAN BARU (still under construction)

so bile dh masuk sini,maknanyer dh lepas semua halangan,
actly bangunan tu baru jer dibuat,klu yg dulu
mmg kecil jer n b***k..
bangunan ni mmg lawa n megah berdiri
Bangunan dier besar dan tinggi,

pastu,dh jalan2 skit,akn jumpa
kawasan hospital,
hospital depa mmg besar dan unik
kawasan hospital mmg luas dan
kebiasaannyer,org luar pasti akan tersesat,

Bangunan tertinggi dlm kawasan hospital

taman hospital

selepas itu...
kami pergi ke pasar utk membeli makanan,
makanan kt sini semuanyer sedap2 n murah
kami beli buah-buahan seperti,
mangga,rambutan,dan laici

tngk tu,sedap kan???

kawasan pasar yg sibuk

anjing??? arrghh!! larieyyyy

anjing tu actly mmg ade kt saner,
tp hanya kt kawasan org2 bkn Islam jer,
tp kawasan org Islam bersih dari anjing.
so,no worry k!
pastu kami trus balik ker rumah datuk kami...

seperti biasa,kemaskan rumah datuk,
tp kali ni,lg teruk dr yg dulu2 nyer,
Ya Allah...mmg penat sngt2 hari nie,
bahagian dapur x terurus langsung,
kesian kt datuk aku sb tinggal sorang2,huhu
aku kemas rumah hingga waktu Jumaat,

FYI,rumah datuk kami bersebelahan dgn masjid,
so,tiap2 hari jumaat,mmg agak sibuk kt depan rumah,
tapi,td mule2 tu x dalah sibuk sngt sebab
baru-baru ni kan ader kes pengeboman,
so,Dadu aka Polis/Askar mmg bnyk
merayau-rayau kt kwasan masjid

subuk kan???

makin sikit dah.....

ni lah dier masjidnyer..besar kan?

so,after jumaat rest skit n start makan2,
as usual,kami makan Tom Yam udang,mmg sedap
sb mak kami gune perencah dr Thai
asli nyer...huhu

so,skrunk aku nk perkenalkan sudut2 yg ade
dalam rumah datuk kami,

bahagian ruang tamu...

bhgn ruang tamu,

Bahagian ruang tamu gak....

laluan ke ruangan dapur...

ni lah dapur,kecil n cute...

ni lagi satu....

jom tinjau ruangan atas plak....

ni ruangan kosong bhgn atas...

almari bajuku.....

pemandangan dari atas....

model tangga..prasan!

pemandangan depan rumah...
actly,both of the house are ours,
tp,yg belah kirinye bg sewa kt org...

so,kami amik yg belah kanan nyer.....

jalan menuju ke kedai....

burung datuk aku nyer....

ni rumah yg plg besar kt sini...

datuk n me...

datuk n his b3lov3d grandchilds....

pastu,kiteorng balik la...
tp on da way nk balik,
kami singgah ke bndar Golok
slh satu tmpt yg aku suke shopping ialah....

Niyomnan Shopping Centre.....

ni plak hotel kt saner,so klu korang mai,
sinilah tempat yg korang akn bermalam..huhu

Postman Golok...simple jer depa...

Cleaner bndar Golok....hehe

Tu masjid Pakistan......

Hotel Marina...dulu kt sini la bom meletup,
tp x menjejaskan bangunan hotel nie...

Taman tema Golok,
taman nie mmg besar sngt2,
so sape2 nk kurus,silalah dtg cni,
sb,selain korunk jalan2 round tasik,
kt sini juga ade Senamrobik...
percume jer..x yh bayr...

kami hampir smpai ke sempadan Thailand-MY

ni lah dier smpadan Thai-MY

bangunan imigresen MY

so,kami dh smpai ke Malaysia balik...
mmg best balik Thai ni,
sb mcm2 ada.......
tp lately,takut la dgn segala rusuhan yg berlaku
pe2 pun kiteorng akn balik jugak nt..huhu

on da way nk balik,kami jumpa sebuah masjid yg berupa tokong cina,
masjid ni lawa sngt bt still under construction..
so,just sempat amik bhgn luar jer..dlmnyer next time..

bhgn tepi.....

Bahagian depan masjid..lawa kan?

i tink thats all from me today...
ni lah sedikit sebanyak tentang kg halaman ku di Thailand...


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