Sunday, November 22, 2009

Frens of foe???

ok2..i dont understand what kind of people is this.....i dont know im still have this kind of person around me, yeah people used to said that, you are not gonna get out from community, means you will have this one kind of person always around you! OMG!!!! ok2..lets go to the story...

i dont know how to start the story, but seriously i felt very dissapointed with H**..... IT still didnt realised that many people didnt like h**...what? you want me to tell the truth? surely i can.... but i just cant do that coz im pity of you! but seems like you have gone too far this time, and i think its time for me to tell you the truth....this is holiday, i will tell you the truth once we meet later.....when i said i will..means there will be no more my pityness towards you!!!! im serious...ive been waiting for this moments long time the fact that you publish your dissapointment at FB for hundreds millions of people to view,and said that your result so effing good than mine and told that im back-stabber??? hello let me ask you something, im not the one who is back-stabber or whatsoeva that you tagged me! you should check youself, how good are you...and fyi you were just the same with me., who are you to judge me?

OMG! i dont know why i still stuck with this kg-people.....please la.....u noe what...u had made me felt extremely pissed off you will what you deserve later....if i cant stand anymore.. will get it!



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