Sunday, January 3, 2010


back to college for good i think..seems like everyone is same
no diferent at just me..i think
things gonna changed tomorrow since i dont want to be lecture president...
its very hard you last year im officially being lecture president, but
i think this year, i dont wanna take that risk....i want to focus with
my very own personal stuffs....just some of them know bout this...

ok2....i wonder what might people said about me tomorrow....since today
all the talk about is about my appearance...
much better,more handsome....muahahahaa..its true ..
im not making up any story...and theres one lil bro..
son of lecturer here siad that im getting fat, but most of them didnt say anyting yet!
but then its ok..ill to be very open -minded for whatever people r talking bout me
as far as i concern most, i need money!!!! im running out of my money....
i had spend most of my money during vacation last time...
about RM600.00....for me only+ souvenir for my mom( mutiara) mahal gilerrr
but then its ok...wateva for her..ill buy the best damn thing ever seen in her life..
the necklace...its very beautifull and mine is the first of all..means
this is one, no one ever do or sell yet.... wanna see it?

price RM ***.**

cool rite? so i decided to buy for me is mine

hehe...i love it..RM 20.00

thats it!..

ok2..actly i dont want to expose this pic yet...but then
its ok....this is not the official one yet about my trip to sabah....

ok2....enough is enough!!!! so tomorrow is kinda like a big day for me and '
ill to to behave like im suppose to....well c bout that tomorrow...


Pendekar Math said...

it is not good for men to wear necklace


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