Monday, May 31, 2010

I`M HomE =))

Alhamdulillah, after almost 4 months I do not come back home, finally, here I am....hehe...feels very happy to see my mom n dad`s face, feel so safe beside them n siblings...urmm several changes has been made, actually not several but a lot, especially to my house dad, he add part of our house make it bigger and even better for me n for my family members. As for that, i got a single room for myself, even though im not gonna use that room for always, i mean not living with them 24/7 right, since im still studying far away from them and i waste my time most of it at hostel.....urmm but its ok, i dont care as long as my mom n dad happy....yerp for sure they will, i have planned on how to decorate my new room, even my room is not ready to be used yet,..i just need to wait a lil bit and then i can start with all those.

exam is over for this second semester...alhamdulillah, i really hope that i will pass all the papers with flying colours, ive done enough and my very best to my papaers...Insya-Allah everythings gonna be fine even though im not going to feel satisfy with it, its like i can feel it, i think we all do... yer la,,,im taking pure maths but then i lack of exercises and do last minute prep, which is so not cool for a college student like me...I think, this semester taught me alot about life, freinds, relationship and everything...i`m so glad i learned that now since im still young and im gonna have a very long journey which is much more challenging. I think, this things is a very small part of a real world, i dont know, what to say about life, sometimes i found it is so hard to live in sometimes it is very easy to live in, you break the rules, you got punished! , you live the way it is suppose to, you happy....but not all the things in this world is good and bad ,,,so we human have our own choices, we need to choose, we have the right to choose....your decision today gonna change your future....i think i wanna make a list things that uve learned from this 2nd semester:-

1. if u make a friend with others, dont be so good, dont do bad....

2. be good to everyone and then everyone will be good to u

3. if u wanna be part of others world, you need to decide whether thats all worth it or not

4. be who you are, dont follow others

5. stop judging others

6. dont talk bad about others

7. appreciate everyone around you not trust people easily

those things taught me a lot to be a better person future...and the best of all every single things that you are doing, there`s always be a consequences, so think first before you act, or you will regret it!

now im home, the main point im home for this time is because, i wanna make my Inguinal Hernia operation which is on 2 June 2010, i feel so nervous even though this is my second time doing operation after appendix operation which is 4years ago. what ever it is, i hope everything`s gonna be fine and hope to get well soon...:))

i think thats all from me.....and fyi kt Tanah Merah ni panas giler kot, i can feel my hand is burning....its ok i think im gooona get used to later...

thats all from me....:))



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