Friday, September 4, 2009



This year we r celebrating our 52th independent day..
so great to be Malaysian....
fyi....this year i`ve celebrate this day at
Dewan was many people
coming to the celebration....
theres a lot of great and fantastic cars as well
Embassies...were coming at this celebration as well..
who else?? urmm....theres alot more....

I have been one of the choir members for this celebration....
this is my new experience ..hoho..
during the celebration..theres a lot of Americans were coming at here
and i got this one very cute n friendly boy..
his name is crook..9 years old boy..
he was very cutee....huhu
wanna see the pic??

ming and crook
his dad(at the back) many menteri2 came to the
this years celebration is not that big..
i is not as cool as before....
thats because this is fasting month.....

after almost one hour being at there...
all of us are heading to the bus stop...
while walking ..i found this two gials..
they were from Poland....both are very cute n s**y..hehe

those are two gals that i meant...

guess wht i jumpa sape kt saner
this cute gal..

shea n me...

she is much taller than me lol....haha
but she got 1 chance

thats all from me today..bye2..



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