Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raya!! raya!! raya!!

urm....this is the third day of the Eid day...
so,im still having my journey to my fwens house..
kinda cool beb...

today i went to Sapik`s house there around 11 am..his family still busy with the chores funny!! sapik kinda busy with his job
luckily those kids entertain me a little+movie...
the great one...BOHSIA...
after that,i heard someone is murmuring....sapik`s family+relatives
asking n talking about me...urmm am i too attractive at that time??
well i think so! if not the will not notice about my presence there
haha..poyo shiot!!! sapik has a very great n big family
his mom kinda cool n rock...she ask me to help her cook
my pleasure..+ im a im just helping a bit since im not the real cook
and im their guest...huhu..
so..around 12.45++pm i had been served by
nasi briyani+daging kurma+ and others...
it was very deliciousases...his mom was a very good cook
after zohor prayer, i made a move to my other fwens house

p/s: sorry no pic..4got to snap maa....

so....along the journey theres an accident between the car and the cyclist again!!!
poor that thing happen a few second before im arriving at there..
thanks God im not there moments the xcident happened.....amin..
but i do stopped for a while wanna know whats going on...
so the cyclist pissed off to the driver who own Honda Civic car n his father in the car..
fyi..i do hate to those cyclist because they are so rude towards the old man
in the car...jsyk they hit the car with their helmet where at that moment
the old man was very scared n shocked moment still....dont you think its kinda rude???
if you dont..i dont have any comment ..but seriously i cant see the way they deal
this stuff..a few moments, theres a lot of cyclist stop by..and as for my safety
i continued my journey to aimans house..which is still far away...
scoffs....its ok....a few minutes later...

safely arriving at aimans house...haha
Thanks God nutings bad happened to me...alhamdulillah...
so i had been served with handmade-Pizza + laksa + almond London + orang juice
fyi the pizza was very deli but not as deli as the real one...i ate 2 slices of pizza
and a bowl a laksa + with 2 glass of orange juice

aiman n me...
after that i ask aiman to accompany me to the EON`s bank
coz i wanna make a new debit card.... scoffs..
long time taken by them to make mine ONLY!!!
its ok as long as i got what i want..haha

so here is the pic of the card...

Debit Card....

book as well

so on my way back was raining heavily..
theres no even one cyclist with me
they were stopped at the garage and bus stop
i will not stop im the only one cyclist on the road..haha
so...after a few borink moments that i had on my mcycle
i decided to snap this busy pic n also me on the mcycle
here are the pics...

alotS carS.....

and this is me...haha

ok..thats all from me...bye2



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