Monday, September 14, 2009


to the dudes and babes,
last weekend we went to KL for shopping
this time,we r not having window shopping but
the real one ...huhu
this is because i just got my allowance which cost
where else should i spent the money if it not to the mall? turning to evil when i have a lot of money
+ staying at KL with lots of boutique and mall that i like
kinda like,padini,seed,topman,adidas and +++

first i took KTM UKM to Bank Negara
heading there for saving my money....of coourse not
i went there for Sogo..since this is my first time being there
kinda perplex..huhu
luckily got my senior being my free-tourist guide
so we went to the mens wears..
as i said theres a lot n loads boutiques that i love
xcept topman...


lots people at there..take a break with fresh air only...

in front of Sogo

mr.Hud..exhausted shop with me lol...

yeah me f-ing tired

after that,we went to KLCC
actually the main place that we wanna go is
TOPMAN boutique...but poor topman
they didnt have a lot their boutique
or it just me who didnt know about it...
i went there with my bro-so-called and buy
some very fine clothes for us...
truely fine one....huhu
dont have the pic lol
but i got some KLCC pic at night
it was very beautifool and it does look so f-ing gorgeous...
i love the view at night most...

mr.Hud my senior....

its me lols......



after that we went for solat asar n breaking fasting at
KFC restaurant....the food ? nice la...

me n syafik


then after solat maghrib, guess what
who did we found there at Masjid As-Syakirin??
Ustaz Akill + Waheeda
they are having their breaking fasting meals while
lots people were busy snaping their pic
including me lol...haha
wth i long as i got what i want..

look at them...

then what?? im nt sure..

before get very nice sleep...

the picture that i love most!!!

at the train.....i found this one very special person
for me...and ive never thought that i could met with him
at there...we were like so close via internet
and never met before..he is
Adib aka Jo..

seriously,,,at first i didnt recognize him,but
when i saw his camera then i know
that is him...i felt very nervous
though i could dump into a wrong person
luckily he recognise me as well...i think la..
klu x malu jer..
but then,at dat moments my heart keep saying
that is i went see him and guess what?
that is himm!!! i felt very excited but don wanna show dat..huhu
theres two thing that i regret when meeting him
1st.i didnt ask for his hp no..who knows maybe i could see him again
and snap pic with him..
but guys,...dont think that i am..tuttt...s
seriously im not...

here are some of his pic... please do 4give me...

k lah thats all from me...tq



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