Monday, September 21, 2009

what a worst night ever!!!

hurmm...and the story begin....
2nd day of raya

today i woke up at 9.30 am with subuh done b4 that lol,
then my dad said we r going to Nenek`s house
at Pasir Mas..but b4 that we need to go to his cousin(kot)`s house
cz..theres a ceremony there..after that heading to pasir mas...
kinda exhausted but riding my motorcycle today...

so about 3.45 pm, i went to my fwens house(ateh)
at PCB...her house was very nice and also
her siblings+ sedara mara dier+ her rock aunt.. funny..


on da way home, syafik suddenly got an accident
(his car) with felt very afraid and scared and nervouse..
i dont deal with all that at first cz im felt very petrified... just syafik n his fren(4got his name) deal with the cyclist
that got crash on of them got serious injury
so we decided to bring him to the hospital
luckily theres someone there
and he(the dr) do something to that cyclist...
he got very serious treatment and i cant even see that
coz its truely frightened me....
so i decided not to see it...

after several hours, we had made a deal that
we gonna solve our prob each other
means( our own vehicles ), both got something to do with tehir vehicles..
but syfik did gave some sovereign to the serious-injured-cyclist rm50
enough la kan??? after that we went back home

so,im riding a motocycle on my way home...
deep im my heart im felt very afraid but i have to be strong
coz i dont want to have a night at KBmall
fyi..i parked my motocycle at kbmall cz its raining at time..
so naik kete syafik go to atehs house..
on my way back to home..i dh diuji oleh Allah(The Almighty)
first theres one car from my back coming towards me very fast..luckily
i noticed that car and im safe..
2nd, along lebuh-raya theres one pakcik cross the road without looking at me at all.
what do you tink huh pakcik?? ur road ker nih?
suke2 hati jer nk lintas jalan ...seriously im almost get crash on him...
just another step from him,and he is at the hospital tonight..
please God forbid that!
fuh!!! just let that oldman cross the road...
fyi this time is around 8.++ pm....
3rd, one car honk at me..pon!!!pon!!!pon!!!
i didnt know what the f-king shit that car want ..
so i slow down my mcycle and move slowly...
nothing happen...alhamdulillah.......
then i found theres an accident near to masjid lemal...
actually agak jauh jugak...
ok x per...then i move on with my mcycle...
suddenly theres one car "pintas" my mcycle and stop suddenly to the side
almost get crash on that biatch..luckily i managed to control my mcycle
next is...near to Tanah Merah,..theres one pakcik
he wanted to cross the road but waktu tu dier mcm nk pusing blakang kan
mcycle dier x nmpak pun aku..
at that time luckily theres no car at all on the other side
so aku pun lalu la kt jln yg satu lg tu smabil jerit..
woi!!!!!!!!!!!! terkejut pakcik tu..pastu semua aorunk kt ctu tngk aku
lantak r..pakcik tu yg x nmpak aku ....
so...dh almost smpai umah..aku cepat2 amik shortcut
pastu safely arriving at home.......

thats all...actually im felt very grateful because i didnt get any serious kinda
like syafik got..but theres always something behind this..
so we human being should accept all the ujian from Him with
full of gratefulness....



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