Monday, June 29, 2009


Assalamualaikum...fwens...dude n babe
hari ini aku berasa sungguh tenang,tak tahu kenapa
apa-apa pun bersyukur kepadaNya yang memberi ketenangan ini

about the tittle,..hurmm...
im heading to MMU Melaka doing
my Foundation study in Engineering course.
This is my ambition,t`d like to thank to
JPA for giving me the scholarship, if not
i cant afford to pay the fee at here
because this is private university

Actually,i get offer to persue my study at
Swinburne University,Australia
but my mom dont allow me to be there
i dont know why
she said that it is too far from our house...
then i ask for the changes and i got at
MMU Melaka campus.Thank God!

so i think thats all from me
about my future University...
to all readers.let us pray for our success

here are some of the pictures that i took from their website


nur nina said...

wow! the college is great! better than kolej teknologi timur.. hahaha


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