Thursday, June 25, 2009


Skunk ni org KLantan
dh loaded dah skit hidup...
ok lah dr dlu tu..

Dulu-dulu waktu aku kecil-kecil
klu kiteorng pergi KB msti pergi
The Store,Mydin and lain-lain lg,
tp skunk,semenjak terbangunnya
sebuah shooping complex named

For me,KB Mall is not as huge as other
shopping complex at Selangor
eg : Midvalley,Berjaya Times Square,Sunway Pyramid
and others....
the price at here is pretty high,bt
it doesnt matter for me...
i love to shop at here because
it has everything
bookshop,restaurants,bowl centre and others...
Pacific Hypermarket is the place where people
used to buy wet food and other things...

For me,KB Mall is not good enough
because,not all the boutique that i love to shop
is present at here..
eg:Topman,Topguy,Padini and other famous boutiques..

guys,wanna see the picture x?
i know maybe some of you got
no chance to watch KB Mall building rite?
here i gt some of the picture..

waktu pagi...

waktu malam....



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