Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yesterday i went to
Jeram Linang Waterfall
it was very great and i really love it
the peaceful of the place can be feel
by all the visitors there
the waterfall is very high and dangerous
i went to the place where all the guys were
gathered to do game-show
it was very fantastic
i`d like to try but
i cant swim,i dont know how to swim
so,i just being a watcher

after that,i went to the kids place
at there,my family are gathered n playing around together
we played everything with the cute n small cousin
we played together.n eat together
what a very lovely family

around 5.30 we went back to our house
it was such a great holiday
having fun with my lovely family
i hope we can do that again next time...

Picture?? we don`t have any of it
sorry,because none of us bring the camera
but every moments that we had
is still n will always be in our heart

P/s : klu ader salah grammar tegur la k kt bhgn koment....


Anonymous said...

still bole g jenjln eh ko..xpe nnt ak cuti ak nak travel....nice holidays...btw wish me a very best for my final..it freaking me out~


# @RIDEE # said...

ye r..selagi surat x sampai selagi tu lah kerja aku hbskn duit jer..hehe
hari ahad ni nk g terengganu plak nk g tngk masjid Kristal n makan keropok lekor..huhu..betsnyer!!!!

btw..of course i will always 4 ur success..


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